Pain Relief...

I used to cut. It was my only release from the pain around me, to create another pain, a pain that no one else had caused but me. I was brought up in an abusing home. My dad was always yelling, my mom was always crying and I was always doing some trivial thing that would send both of them over the edge until it would eventually turn into violence. I couldn't get away from the pain others inflicted on me so I started to cut. It was refreshing and wonderful. I never new causing myself so much pain could make me feel better. I would cut mostly on my arms and legs where I could hide it but sometimes I would just be so upset that I didn't care where I cut. I just blamed it on my cat if anyone asked.
But I can finally can say that I used to cut. I moved out of my house and into my own appartment away from the abuse and started a new life for myself. I can finally breath easier and don't need to cause myself harm to feel better when something isn't right. I only hope that others with this problem will have that same relief.
Gisbon Gisbon
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Excellent!! I'm very glad that you got out of that awful situation.<br />
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Your story is very typical. People who were bullied and abused often cut, for exactly the reasons you described. <br />
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Good on you for breaking out of it.