Because of Him....

Well, when I graduated the 8th grade I started to date a guy from my class who I really liked. We dated until our Junior year of high school and he was very controling and when ever he hurt me I found a place where no one could disturb me and I would find anything sharp and just cut away. I guess this was my way of making him feel bad, but the thing is that he never knew. After we broke up I was better, until I started to date another guy and he found out that I cut my self only because he caught me one day after we had a fight, since then I have not done it but I do often think about it and run sharp objecs on my wrists, but for some reason I now can't bring myself to draw blood.
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4 Responses Oct 23, 2006

I did the same thing and i stoppped too. But I also sometimes run things across my wrist to but i never cut not anymore

You should be very proud that you are staying strong enough to just not go back to it. I know how hard it is to stop... but I really hope that you can come out of this and say you did it for yourself and not for your current boyfriend. Otherwise I'm afraid that once these get rough and patchy again you may fall back into it. =[ That's what happened to me. After some time of not doing it though, you realize your doing it for yourself. <br />
Good luck, I wish you well. Don't ever let a man weaken you!

i first stopped because of other people too but now when i see the scars i tell my body sorry<br />
if you want to, eventually the urges will stop <br />
and i second AWUK

No man is ever worth the scars you will have for life. They don't deserve to be remembered whenever someone asks about the scars. I'm glad you haven't been able to cut in a while, I hope that you stay strong. *hugs*