My Blade Was My Bestfriend...

I started about to years ago because i felt trapped and like there was no one i could talk to.I didnt cut my arm because i hated wearing long sleaves so i cut my leg.I loved it it was like an escape .Each time i would cut deeper and deeper andthere would be more and more blood.It made me fell AMAZING!!!i loved the pain i loved the blood seeing the scars.Sometimes i would only leave i welp but i loved how it felt.One time my mom almost found out because i was wearing gym shorts and she kept asking what it was.I told her I did it while i was shaving.All she said was I dont think so and suggested I get a new razor.It got 2 the point were everytime i would fight with my mom and dad id cut.That was about everyday.It got to the ponit were i tried cutting my face and neck.Then I realized that i probably shoulldn't cut..I didnt really stop till summer when I got really hot and i had 2 wear shorts.I also started to gain more confidence and started liking myself more.I just stopped on my own.
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May 6, 2012