Finally Opening Up. My Story.

I'm a 16 year old female who started to cut when she was like 12? I don't know I started in 7th grade, & I'm going into 11th. I come from a family of drugs & alcohol. My mom used to do drugs, like hardcore, meth. & both of my brothers did meth, & my dad was a hardcore alcoholic, & got help. Both my brothers are nothing but trouble, they both have done meth, & they both are alcoholics. I have never been into drugs, & I never plan to, but I do get drunk, a lot. But I don't consider myself an alcoholic because I only do it to have fun, not to relieve stress. I started cutting because I finally realized what was happening around me with my family, & it was all hard to take in & at the same time I was starting to have feeling for my best friend knowing I would never be able to call him mine, it's been 4 years & i still don't have him, but I'm moving on. I have stopped because I didn't want to have to go to rehab for it, but if I'm in NEED of it I do it on my leg, so that nobody can see it. As of right now I'm clean for 3 months, & it feels great.
krk95 krk95
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2012