I Dont Get That. ...

I dont get that. I mean, I can see that people that are suffering do that.... they can"t stand the emotional pain any longer and have to "cut" themselves to" release "it. A horrible form of self abuse. I feel so much empathy for these people. I would be looking for ANY solution to end this "ridiculous" ritual. Come on... there is so much info out there that you can find a solution. I have never cut myself so mayby I don"t know what I am talking about but I cannot get this one (1) thought out of my head , and that is.......AFTER you have been healed (through therapy or just growing older) you are left with disiguring scars and reminders of how your life USED to be. Egads!,  use a journal!!!!!
redflower redflower
36-40, F
May 16, 2007