Still Fighting

It all started when i was 12 when i molested my sister( i know now what i did was wrong and am extremely sorry for what i did). I was in therapy for a while but i really wasn't do anything. I was online looking up ways to commit suicide. I thought that it might help me get the overwhelming guilt out. i tried it once and was hooked it didnt hurt there was just a slight tugging feeling. it felt like all my pain was seeping out my wrist and not blood. I continued to do this twice a week for about 4 months. that was when my parents found me in my room passed out with blood still seeping from my wrists.I was in the hosipital for 2 weeks but it really didn't help much until i met another person who was inmy same situation. she told me that i didnt need to cut my wrists to feel better and that i could exercise and listen to really fast paced music to help meget the same rush. it has been 3 months since then and i haven't cut in two months. i am still friends with that girl we have been best friends and support buddies ever since then.
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IM trying to quit and that seems like really good advice!!!