Getting Out Of A Habbit

The last time I cut was about 6 months ago. So i shouldn't really say i 'used' to because its still early days. i started at 12, when my mum was drinking heavily everyday and i was being sexually abused. A 'cry for help' was how it started. After continuously doing it for 4 years i got into a mind set: whenever i was sad, it could be over the smallest thing, the first thing that would come to mind was 'i wanna cut myself' or 'i want to die'. I could see how it was upsetting people when i did it, but tbh i didn't care. I had to learn how to put other peoples feelings about my cutting before the urge to cut. I realised that cutting was a **** relese because after the pain had gone and I was left with marks, id feel worse. If I were to give advise to anyone about it, id say think about it before you do it. Think about how you'll feel after. Will you feel any happier? Or will you just feel stupid. Feel good about yourself when the thoughts of wanting to do it come to mind but you don't do it. But don't feel bad if you do give in. As long as you've inprooved, whether it being not as many times in a week or not as many cuts at a time. You won't be able to stop over night, because it is an addiction
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Very true, and inspiring. :)