My Past...

I use to be a cutter really bad I guess it all started back in 4th grade when everyone was bullying me, it was my excape from all the pain I was feeling. My cuts were visable and it made stuff worse so I went to my parents for help just to have them take it as a joke. Every year would get worse and more worse eventualy cutting was my solution to everything my blade was my best friend the blood represented I was alive. Years later those bullys went and got to know me and now there my friend, never have I heard one say they were sorry for it. The cutting got so bad that i had over 400 cuts on me,blood feeling the bath tub and the only people who would help was Bryan till I met this girl. Shes been there at my worst and helpped me talked me out of my suicides got me to promise to cut no more and i broke it :( then finally she stopped me if it wasnt for her i'd still be slitting my wrists shes the one who shows me cutting is never the answer she showed me how much it hurts her to see them and I never want to hurt her. Thats my past for my future though I hope I wont cut. Almost a month no cuts :).
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

You promised me you would never ever cut again.You break that promise i break your face.Lol.

lol I know sweet heart im not planning on breaking it anytime soon.

GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL ! ITS ONLY 2:30 BUT HI! andd im so sorry i broke my side of the promise. :( I love you.