my childhood was done when I was 7 . I was around drugs n gangs n all the bad thing and things a child should never see or experience ever in their life as I was growing up.

n one day there was some crystal I didn't know what it would do to me . I thought crystal was the same as coke . I told my Tia that I found some and we sat down n I did half of a line for my first time . then I kept doing it but stopped because I love my booty n boobs aha. but tbh I have thoughts of doing it every now n then .

I don't regret it .. I'm happy that I did it with someone I trust, my Tia . the main reason why I did it was because my bf wanted to do coke with me . like I said before I thought dope n coke were the same. so I wanted to do it with her to see how I would act . that's why. I'm not happy but I'm glad I know how I act know n that I experienced it with someone I trust.

n I don't need people commenting that I'm stupid n stuff I know what I did .. that's the past n I can't change it .
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I'm proud of you for being able to get away from that, even if it's still hard sometimes, and you should be proud too! Not everyone has that kind of strength, so meeting someone who does is really special.

It's also so nice that you have a good, trustworthy Tia like that. Thanks for much for sharing this.

thank you! thank you so much!!<3 that was really sweet of you and thank you for the support most importantly ! it's not an over night think , it's hard , but you gotta be stronger than it to overcome it .(: but again thank you so much !

And thank you so much for sharing it! A lot of people could use this kind of inspiration to get through the tough times, myself included.

yah if you really put your mind to it n focus on not doing it you'll be ok . but I'm glad to hear that this helped you ! when ever you want too do a line .. make yourself busy n go do something to get that off your Mind. n if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm just a txt away (:

Stay safe out there, hon.

thank you ! you to (:

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