Long Road To Staying Clean..

Hi. I am a 24 year old recovering from my addiction to crystal meth. I have been clean since April 2009.

Everyday is a battle and i dont want to lose. I dont want to ruin my life.. I was only an addict for 3 years and i got out before it did any real damage to my life.. but i want to use everyday.. what i wouldnt give to snort one line.. to smoke one bowl. does this ever end?

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Yes it does end, u have to keep busy be around positive ppl. Its a daily battle, its hard, some days are easier then others. Keep strong if u have come this far, u can continue. I am so proud of u. Have faith.

You have to learn to HATE it before you will stop craving it. My experience was like yours I got out of it before it did too much damage, but boy was my life HELL! and it was hard to resist it when it was offered., But After my friend hung himself because of meth, I prayed a desperate prayer to (Jesus)God to keep it away from me and to help me resist it and within time I did it! I resisted it 3 times and now stay completely AWAY from those who use it. I HATE IT! I could resist it for the rest of my life. Blessings to you and I will pray for God to deliver you from its grip. If nothin else works try praying, IT WORKS! But remember You have to believe it will work in order for it to work.

You should be proud of yourself! But I think you need a lot of positive things to keep yourself occupied with. Maybe try something new like yoga or something fun. I used to do it myself and have been clean for over a year. It's honestly my boyfriend who helped me fight urges, mainly because I love him and didnt want to loose him I chose to change my life around. It does end trust me. You have to have faith and find the spiritual God within you.

!!!!!!!!!!! Yoga and meditating helps so much

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh....3 years is NOT a short amount of time to be an addict. That much time can have serious consequences on your brain.

But it will repair. Despite all the propaganda about meth ruining your brain forever and **** it's not true. the brain is a very resiliant organ and can repair itself.


Hello. My name is Richard. Does it ever end? In all honesty, yes. But you have got to have a lot of positive elements in your life for the cravings to go away. And once you build a good foundation, you must do everything to hold firm to your foundation. It doesn't take much to be back at the point where you started, broken, humiliated, addicted. All I can say is to not use, and continue the road in recovery. I have 14 months clean from dope.

hi guys I need help! I have stopped two weeks ago. I felt I did not use it that much but I did. It has started two years ago and I stopped in between for 2 months and started again and stopped and started again. Will I be strong enough? I have too! but I need advice....