I started snorting meth at age 20 stood clean for a year because I had a beautiful baby girl then relapsed when she turn a year went to smokeing meth od twice once on x and once on meth under icu told was going to die but kept on my addiction lost my daughter my boyfriend my friends my family I cant have sex with the enjoyment of it no matter what im unrecognizable and I have no feelings of living so if anyone is bearly starting out meth dont do it because up will regret it any suggestion s for my situation?
losteverybody losteverybody
1 Response Mar 2, 2013

you are still so young and you have the rest of your life to look forward too.......you would just be throwing away a perfetly fixable life by throwing in the towel already......every time life gets tough you gotta be even tougher.....people like you and I will be some what glad for all the tough times we had in our younger life because you may not notice it now but all your troubles are molding you into a extremely strong person on the outside and inside.......and alot of people would just break down under the stress but your still standing.......be proud of yourselve, and never bring yourselve down there are plenty of azz holes out there that will do that for ya hahaha.....i wish you luck in your journey called life