Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

I went to college in the '60s, so as you can imagine, I did a lot of drugs.  At least, I think I did, the whole decade is sort of a blur.
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9 Responses Jul 17, 2007

True in my case!

Yes~ always makes me chuckle!

Ha! I like that, Birdie!

As Alexei Sayle said..when you are young you take drugs to get out of your mind....when you are older you take them to get back in it again!

As I wander through the smokey haze....I think I smell POT in here!

You? Exaggerate? Never. Make absurd points for a laugh? Possibly.

I tend to exaggerate for dramatic impact.

We didn't take drugs to escape reality, drugs WERE our reality.

Now, if you'd been in college in the late '70s(disco!!!)/early '80s (Reagan!!!), you would have had a good reason to be on drugs.