One Bad Experiance

Using was a lifestyle for me. Truthfully I loved it but I’m going to share one of my bad experiences.

Ryan (my ex bf) his friends C.K, Trent and myself drove to Chicago for an NFL game. It was a couple of days before game. Trent brought some magic mushroom but he wasn’t going to take any. I never had mushrooms before. Ryan and C.K had and they were deciding when and where to take them. The plan was to take them and walk to the fish aquarium downtown which was only a couple of blocks from our hotel. We crushed, divided and eat. We went upstairs to sit on the roof top. I looked at Ryan and notice his neck was red I couldn’t stop laughing. He kept asking me what was wrong. He looked so unattractive it was scaring me. We watched the elevator door open but neither one stepped in.  The passer by must have thought we were idiots. C.K and I were sitting by the door way and watching people pass by. All I notice were their funny features. We finally manage to get our jackets on for the walk to the aquarium. I tried to button my jacket but felt extremely overweight. As the cars passed I noticed them being small but I would notice squirrels bigger than the fences they were climbing on. The cold wind hit my face that felt like jello. We got to the aquarium. I started to tense up.  Ryan got me some popcorn. I put one in my mouth. It literally tastes like dirt. I was in the middle of the room with fish tanks and I sworn the fishes were swimming towards me. I started to think I was going crazy. I held on to his arm as tight as can. The room started to spin we lost C.K and Trent.  I throw up as a kid yelled “mommy” her mom give me a dirty look as if she know. Ryan grabbed me and we started to walk back to the hotel. We were passing the lake which should have been beautiful but I kept telling him to hold me tighter thinking I was going to jump. He held my hands and said everything will be alright. As we walked I thought toy cars were going to hit me as we cross the streets. Worse I thought I was going to confess to him my deepest secrets. Now my jeans seemed lose. I started to chuck down water. He made me a warm bath. I looked at him and didn’t found him attractive I just wanted to be by self as I started to cry again. I got in the tub and release the water he laughed hectically at me. He said I having a “bad trip” and we both started to laugh. He closed the door. I turned on the shower. The water tasted like salt and felt either too cold or hot. I would touch to tiles and thought they were moving. As I came out there was food and wine on the table. He gives massage and I started to feel more relax. Finally I now can enjoy my trip.
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How was this bad XD <br />
I don't do drugs, but that seems like something I would like.

That sounds like was a little scary but overall all good trip. I love going to places where there are lots of people and acting normal. Everything just seems so off and I can't help but feel that everyone else must be on something. I love it soo much. Even when It gets a little scary It's just part of the adventure to me, and I know that as long as I act reasonably and stay with my friends everything will be alright. Right now I'm going downhill skiing and I'm going to trip on acid while listening to bright eyes.