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I was formally introduced to the school cane on the first day of kindergarten.  The Headmistress of the infants schools was an old spinster and local identity known as Miss Pitt. In hindsight she was clearly indifferent to children and had a pronounced dislike of boys in general.  I recall that she took over the lesson from the class-room teacher and gave the new class of five-year-olds a stern lecture on the consequences of being naughty.  To illustrate her point she then called on all the boys to line up at the front of the blackboard while she produced her long slender punishment cane.  All of us boys knew what a cane was even at that age and we were all quite scared of what would happen next.  Miss Pitt anounced that she would give each boy one stroke of her cane as foretaste of what to expect if she had cause to punish you for mischief.  The first boy was directed to face the blackboard and bendover.  I remember how tight this made his small grey shorts fit and how vunerable his little bottom appeared. Miss Pitts eyes focused on the small target and she brought the cane down with a loud firm crack across the centre of the hapless boys buttocks.  The victim yelped and the rest of us shuffled in terror.  When it was my turn I bent over with my hands on my knees and my bum pointed at the girls who seemed to be enjoying the show.  The cane tapped twice and then the first stroke hit me so hard it knocked all the wind out of me. I straigtened up and grabbed my bottom with both hand, tears already running down my face while Miss Pitt ushered me to join the group of caned boys as she continued to direct the next boy to his place of execution.  This was the first of countless school canings and they got worse as the years went by.  By the time I was eleven I had reached a point where the mere mention of the cane would exite me and I actively sought out corporal punishment from anyone who could give it to me.  This was both a personal test of courage and fortitude as well a source of what I later realised was erotic stimulation.  I wasn't the only boy in my class who had to hide the bulge in the front of his school shorts when called up the front or to the science master's office for a touch of the cane.  The science master is worth his own paragraph as this man delighted in using his cane as often as he could and would make up excuses for caning on the slimest pretexts.  He was my nemises from age twelve to fifteen and he gave me and my school chums some of the most ferocious thrashings imaginable.  Perhaps little more about Mr. Parish in a later post....
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All the canings I had, or attended, or gave was very real!<br />
I like your explanations / desc<x>riptions ~ it is spot-on!

A lot of what you read regarding a school caning is nothing more than wishful thinking by people that have never been caned in their lives.<br />
I do'nt think many people just relize what a real school caning felt like.<br />
Certainly it was a very painful experience but never as severe as most people try and make it out to be.It stands to reason that the average 12 to 16 yre old boy or girl,could not possibly withstand a full force caning as those typicaly administered by Headmasters of last century public schools.<br />
This was a different era entirely,an era where school corporal punishment realy did hurt.Six of the best at Eaton or Harrow for example was and extremely agonising experience for any boy whether he was 8 or18.<br />
The canes used were far heavier and longer than the standard regulation cane of recent years a cane that was aimed to impart a severely painful sting as apart from the older and much more bruising canes of the early public schools.<br />
These canes apart from being agonisingly painfull where often the Headmaster would require an assistant master to hold the boy down in order that he he could cane as hard he could without being inconvenienced by the boy continualy moving out of position or just simply collapsing from over the desk .<br />
The common belief that boys were made to just bend over and touch their toes for a caning was all very well for a modern and moderately hard punishment but was far too unstable for and old public school caning that's why the Headmasters of old would have the boy firmly positioned across his desk where he could cane at full force.<br />
It would have been extremely rare for any boy,of any age,to take a caning in silence,the pain would have been far too much to bear and Headmasters of the time did'nt expect a boy to take a caning without out screaming with pain at every stroke-this was a punishment that was meant to hurt,realy hurt and it most certainly did.<br />
So now you know what I mean when I say most people only fantasise about caning.

i Agree

Do tell about the science masters canings.

Thanks for your story Tbc.<br />
Age 5 is very young to receive the merciless cane!<br />
How many strokes did you received from the science master?<br />
<br />
Magy, I know that experience. I didn't have a skirt to brake the force of the cane.

i got it usually on the hands at school the few times i got it on the skirt was always women teachers , old and nasty too, four wasent too bad but six was always ending with me in tears and crying loudly, and hands firmly clasping my bottom under the skirt, !

a great story thank u for sharing