Mrs Smithson

  I attended a secondary school in England in the 1950's. It was run with by a fierce disciplinarian called Mrs. Smithson. There were no detentions or lines, only the cane. Boys were caned across the backside and girls on the hands. Mrs. Smithson caned the girls herself but appointed the Chemistry teacher, Mr Griffiths, to cane the boys. I was only caned on one occasion after being late for school twice in one week. I was immediately summoned to Mrs. Smithson's office. For some reason that no-one understood, Mr Griffiths administered the punishment but it was always in Mrs. Smithson's office in her presence. I was made to wait outside for at least fifteen minutes, sweating and feeling sick until I heard the footsteps of Mr Griffiths marching along the corridor, tapping his cane against his leg as he walked. He ignored me, knocked on Mrs. Smithson's door and entered. In the middle of the room stood Mrs. Smithson  and by a large bay window stood Mr Griffiths, next to a chair.
       "Late twice this week. Three hard strokes please, Mr Griffiths."
        "Come here," he barked, "bend over here, hold the struts of the chair and don't get up until I tell you to."
He lifted my jacket, placed the cane across my backside and swiftly carried out the execution. Nothing could have prepared me for the excruciating pain. It was as though a red hot poker and had been laid across my backside three times. Mr Griffiths left immediately. Mrs. Smithson ordered me to stand in front of her. Through my watered and tearful eyes I gazed at the tall, buxom woman and as I did so I felt, apart from by burning backside, another feeling that I did not understand then but realise now was an erotic charge. I have wondered, many times down the years, what happened to her.

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We didn't get detentions or lines much either, it was mostly the slipper but a few teachers used the cane.

youngsters need Discipline . Without Discipline their is just Chaos

could not really be late for school , travelled in on the school bus, sometimes missed the school bus back home, due to dententions or a "invite" to the heads study

at the senior school i went to , both boys and girls got the cane acros the backside, the girls across there knickers and the boys across there trousers

yes it was the same for me in the 1950s into the 1960s all Schools used the Cane Back then . i went to a strict Catholic School . Run by Prisets and Nun.s . youngsters today could use some good old fashioned Discipline . Teachers could stop them running riot and take some Control back in the class .

Hi Derek,<br />
I was 11 years old. And no I didn't have to go back to class straight after because canings always took place either at the end of the morning (as mine was) or the end of the day so by the end of the lunch break the initial intensity of the pain had cooled off slightly. Thanks for your interest.

How old were you when you got that? Did you have to go straight back to class and sit down afterwards?