Witnessing Punishment

I recently posted a story about the time I was caned in school. Since then it has triggered a whole range of memories of related experiences. Canings were regular events but very occasionally an offence was considered so serious that the culprits were caned in front of the whole school at lunchtime.
                         On this occasion two boys and a girl, all about sixteen, had been found with cigarettes on them. A special assembly was convened. The three culprits stood shamefaced on the stage whilst the Headmistress cataloged their crimes. The girl was then given three strokes on each hand. She let out a piercing scream and thrust her hands tightly under her armpits. In turn the boys bent over a chair and received six strokes across their backside. Neither were able to stay in position for the full six and had to be told to bend over again.
                 We were shocked and afterwards everyone walked out in silence. Some of the girls were crying. However, whilst it frightened the life out of me, it also gave me a slight thrill. As I was about fifteen at the time, it is reasonable to say that there was something vaguely sexual about the thrill.

                Is there anyone out there who has experienced strange feelings witnessing someone's punishment?
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i Reemember When i was Age14 1962 it was A Day i often Remember . i was Late for School . my Mum told me to get out of bed or She Would Get the Belt . Needless to Say i Went Back to Sleep without thinking About the Belting i would get . it Hurt . i Did get The Belt Hard Across my bare bottom My Mum was Very Strict . i ALways Tryed not to Cry for as Long as i could . My Mum would Never Stop Whacking me Until i was Crying . The Catholic School was Run by Nuns and Priests . The HeadMaster was ALso A Priest . He was Waiting as i got to School . i Have Caned you 3Times This Week and you Are Stil Late for Again He said . YES Farther . Thats what one calls A Priest . Farther . Everyone was in Assembly Parying to God . i never Believed all that rubish about God . The Priest said David Marr i am going to Thrash in frount of everyone in Assembly . and He Did . 6WHACKS over my Trousers Each WHACK Was with increased force . The Priest was Trying to make me Cry . But i new that i could take 6 of the best AnyTime and not Cry . i was so Glad i had my TROUSERS ON . my Bottom was so Bruised from the belting my Mum Gave me . Teenagers had Respect for their Mothers Back in the 1960s . davidmaher48@gmail.com

at our senior school, both boys and girls got the cane across the backside.<br />
the boys across there trosuers, us girls across our knickers.( this was long before womens lib).<br />
if we had to visit the head and had time we would wear thicker knickers, for some protection.

Ye i reconise the feelings you discribe. I had erections watching someone being caned and enjoyed being caned myself. full on beatings were the best. The cermony and the buid up were a great turn on. My bigest school punshment was 36 strokes of the cane which were given for fighting with six people in the lunch break. They were applied to any part the head could hit arms legs back arse you name it he finished with a slap across the face all in front of everyone as they came in forom lunch as I was caned in the corridor

yes I remember the same feelings and the sexual feeling when being caned. I was caned a lot in front of the ckass and the whole school. In Primary schol I got 36 strokes of the cane in one session

I first witnessed an assemby caning at primary school when I was 9 and a "big boy" of 11 was given 6 strokes on the stage over his short trousers. It had a real effect on me. I was scared but also fascinated. Didn't understand my feelings at the time.

Yes i understand these feelings too...i witnessed several canings in front of the whole school and like you were shocked and some girls were crying..it was frightning seeing a boy being thrashed but i got them strange feelings too.