The School Cane

I was first caned at school when I was 10. Just two strokes , one on each hand. That was the only time I was caned on the hand. The second caning was for persistant talking and was given in front of the class in the top year of the juniors when I was 11. I had to touch my toes for three strokes over corduroy shorts with thick woollen underpants beneath. Those were the only two canings I got at primary school.

I passed the 11+ exam and went to a boys grammar school where the slipper and caned were in daily use. I managed to be slippered on only my second day along with two other boys again for talking in class. We were called to the front of class and told to touch our toes for three whacks over flannel shorts and again thick woolleen underpants. By the end of that term I had received two headmaster canings in his office. They were both for persistantly talking and disrupting classes. It was deemed that in my case the slipper didnt work. The first time it was 4 strokes and the second time the full 6 again on flannel shorts and woollen trunk style underpants.

At this point I should tell readers that my Dad had told me that I was to own up to any time I was caned at school. Needless to say I didnt own up but at the end of term there was a box on the report which said "number of times caned" and the number 2 was in the box. Dad went mad and that night I got my first caning from him. 6 whacks bare bottom. Before this time I was usually put across his knees for a spanking. The following weekend I received a further 6 whacks for the other school caning. from then on I always owned up and that meant a Saturday morning caning from dad. Needless to say canings from dad hurt much more than the ones at school where I had the protection of thick shorts and thiick underpants..

In the second year I was bought new grey shorts which were the thinner terylene sort along with y front briefs. My first school caning that year hurt considerably more than the ones I got as a 1st year.

There were a few occasions when i was caned at school when wearing thin white cotton pe shorts with no undepants beneath. Now they hurt bad.

My last school caning was as a 6th former and the last from dad was at age 19
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when I was caned at school, the head would ring and inform my mother, so I had no choice that my parents knew. The enevetable home spanking was duely administered getting the slipper over my already caned bottom was worse than the cane itself!

My woollen trunks and matching vest were actually cream in colour

Yes same here reports had the amount of canings given that term and Indeed much more severe ones followed at home on my bare bum.

you are welcome

Thank you for sharing that account of your upbringing

i got paddle an strap in school at home strap by dad never had cane to bad wish i could of had it an try it out some say not as bad as strapping

i was caned at school many times and these always hurt given over very thin trousers which of course offered no protection. i was spanked a few times by my mother and this was given on the bare bottom in my bedroom. caning really stings where as spanking bare bottom felt like a bad sunburn...

Fortunately my parents did not hear of all my school-canings. So all of it wasn't repeated at home!

Similar to you 2doerver my major caning times were betwwen 12 and 16. However, not exclusively as I managed to earn a caning at school even as an Upper Sixth boy. And a school caning meant an automatic repeat from Dad the following Saturday morning

I received most of my school canings between 13 - 16. I lost count of it.<br />
It was almost every time over grey school trousers with Y underpants. B/c it's not cold here we didn't have thick clothing.

i will tell you anything you whant to no by email . my mum always punished me on my bare bottom .

Thanks for your message Aaad. What nautiness were you caned for by your Mum at aged 23. And what kind of underpants did you normally wear at that time

it was the same for me . my mum cuntinued to cane my bare bottom untill i left home age23years old . and severely caned by my mum .

Although i was strapped by step-dad it was mum that kept and used the cane frequently and very severely too always on my bare bum. Yes always had another tanning at home when any canings at school came to light

Thanks for your message Edward.<br />
I too had matching woollen vests with the short sleeves and yes they and the underpants itched especially in summer or if I had been spanked.<br />
I was caned on average about twice a term so maybe had in excess of 2 dozen doses of the cane at school. If I knew I was to be caned, maybe at a detention that was set for a few days in advance, then even after starting to wear y front cotton briefs, I would dig out a pair of woollen trunks to wear instead to give me some added protection.<br />
I wore shorts for school until I was almost 15 that is till Christmas in the 4th year and even then had always to wear short trousers at all times other than school. This arrangement continued until i was almost 19

I would like to add that my Mum also spanked me throughout my schooldays but she used hand or brush. Dad used tawse normally but the cane always for what he called serious stuff