Caned At School

I got the cane several times at school but can remember one specific time. It was a maths lesson and I was larking about not paying any attention to my teacher walking into the classroom. I managed to hit him with a piece of paper which I had thrown not knowing he was there. He summoned me to the front of the class and ordered me to hold out my hand for the cane. I refused telling him that my hands were delicate and if he wants to cane me then he should cane my bottom. I thought I was being clever thinking that he was a soft teacher and the caning would not hurt much.To my surprise he bent me over the desk at the front of the class and then said are you sure because a hand caning is just one stroke but a bottom caning will be six. I said yes being very cocky thinking it would not hurt. But to my surprise he put down the cane he was holding went to his drawer and pulled out a much thicker longer cane. he then proceeded in caning by poor bottom in front of the whole class very severly six times. later on that day as was summoned to the deputy headmasters office and told under no uncertain terms that I had refused a caning and this was most unnacceptable to which he ordered me to bend over his desk. I tried to tell him that I had already been caned but he was in no mood to listen to me and before I knew it he had given me six of the hardest strokes of the cane I can remember> I know this because when I checked my bottom in the toilets afterwards it was bleeding. Having said all this I must admit due to the circumstances and severity of this caning I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Wow someone else who got caned twice in the same day it happened to me twice.

We didn't get the cane in class, only the the head's. study. I got the slipper in class for throwing paper darts.

Headmaster caned her. She had to bend with bum facing class.Wore black trousers

Did she cry, or yell out at the strokes?

Saw charlotte smith get 3 on her bum at our school

There was a buzz when she got it as was usually only boys. Was at front of class

i must confess i enjoyed getting the cane and often would do things on purpose to make sure i got it. i would not bring in homework, be late, where incorrect uniform, forget equipment, run in the corridor, purposely get below average test scores and even have fights to make sure i got the cane.

Woody, unfortunately not.<br />
I couldn't even earn myself a normal school caning from the ladies.

woody555.<br />
had a few canings when kickers pulled up, exposing bare bottom and a few not wearing regulation knickers , only my own which did not offer that much covering or protection. but none completly bare

I don't know how anyone could enjoy a painful caning, especially as a child or teen. But there is no doubt that some teachers really enjoyed, and may have even got off, caning boys and giirls, especially of the opposite sex.<br />
Anyone here ever got a bare spanking by a teacher of the opposite sex?

i can remember a bare bottom caning by the gym mistress in my school. she had bent me over a beam in the gym to my horror the whole thing was witnessed by the girls netball squad who had been waiting to come in at the time i dont know which was redder my face or my bum.

Good Q., Canelove! I also like to hear the answer.

What type of people were those 2 masters otherwise? Was the DHM a fair and understanding man otherwise? You said the maths master was a gentle man otherwise. It is often those masters that can give a good whacking.

the maths teacher was usually very mild but could deliver a very hard caning which i found out several more times. the deputy head was a very strict man and always delivered a severe caning which i also tasted many times

we had a teacher that ruled by fear and the cane.<br />
one lesson i disagreed with her answers to a problem, which did not go down well and was told to see her after school, i muttered a comment under my breath but she heard it( back chat)<br />
after school i went to see this teacher who told me to bend over a desk which i did, she lifted my skirt and gave me six real stingers across my knickers, i was crying after the third stroke, that was for disagreeing with me she told me, still bent over she got hold of the waistband of my knickers and pulled them up, she gave me an other six stingers across my already sore backside.<br />
<br />
later that evening i told my mum what happened, she took down my knickers and told me that i had 12 lines across my backside which looked like railway lines, mum thought it was funny.<br />
<br />
i did not

i once told my mum about a caning at school id had 6 strokes and she gave me another six with a garden cane across my bare bum to show her disgust at my behavior

Was yours a girls only school? Were girls often caned across the bum ?

send my a private note and i will answer

Tattoosfeet, yes these things happen!<br />
I once had 8 cuts (one shot) on an almost bare butt. They (the teachers) meant to swing and they could. I had to lay down for them, so they also had gravity on their side. Here I also experienced erotic feeling for the first time.<br />
To all my friends above: happy spanking! (Oupa)

Wow!! Your butt must have sizzled.I envy you .I also like a good hard caning but have not had the wonderful experience of receiving 12 cuts in all in one. day.I bet you enjoyed it. I would have as well.I still enjoy a good caning when I can get one but resort to caning myself in the absence of a caner. Not quite as satisfying but still enjoyable. I like the after effects when the butt is burning and bruises stay for a few days.<br />
Not being able to sit down the next day is an added joy.Pity we cannot get together for a mutual caning

would love for you to cane me