Caned By Female Teacher.

I was punished at school many times but probably only caned on 8 or 9 occasions, but the one that always sticks in my mind was not the hardest caning but the only one performed by a female teacher. Most of the teachers used corporal punishment to control their classes of about 30 pupils when I was at school - late 60s early 70s although not all punishments involved the cane. For more serious offences you were sent to the headmaster but all form teachers had there own preferred weapon of punishment and would use it without hesitation. Sometimes this was in front of the class other times you reported back at the end of the day. This particular caning was only four strokes on my backside and whilst the caning was not severe it had a lasting effect on me.

It was my Art teacher, a fairly ordinary lady, more like the unassuming woman next door type, that punished me. At the end of each lesson I would climb under the desks that were grouped togather to form a large surface area for art work to pick up any paper pens etc that had fallen through the gaps. I took this opportunity to look up her skirt, seemed like a good idea to a 15 year old at the time, and whilst I thought my activities had gone undetected I was very much mistaken. I was called back as we all filed out at the end of the lesson and she confronted me. It was obvious from my total embarrassement at being caught that I was guilty and she did no more than take her cane from cupboard in the corner and proceeded to lecture me about the right and wrongs of my actions. During this time she was pacing and walking around me making me feel very uncomfortable. After what seemd like 10 mins but was in reality no more than 1 or 2 at the most she told me that I would be caned. Not unexpected but I did not expect her to administer it as I felt sure I would be making an unwelcome trip to see the headmaster. If that had happend i think it is fair to say that I would have got one hell of a beating.

She told me that I would receive 4 strokes across my trousured bottom. With this she pushed me forward over the large desk and proceded to cane me. The strokes certainly hurt but by comparison to other canings this one was fairly average on the pain front. After the last stroke i went to stand up but she pushed back down and started to lecture me again. I remained in position and it was what happend next makes this episode stand out in my mind.

Whilst she was still talking she started to spank me with her hand, not hard, but as if to emphasis various words. It was during this spanking that I became aware that her hand remained in contact with my bottom until the next spank but her hand was slowly moving in a small circle as if rubbing my bottom better. Nothing else happend and after a few minutes of spanking I was told to stand up and leave. I could not get that punishment out of my mind and it has stayed with me ever since.

I was never punished by her again but her attitude towards me was much more friendly after that episode. As you would expect I have relived that punishment in my mind so many times and have even gone out of my way to be punished by woman if only to take it to a stage that perhaps I would have liked to explore with her. Alas, of course i didn't..................... but in my fantasies we did.
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My husband got the slipper several time at school for looking up a teacher's skirt. They had a " young drop-dead gorgeous" (his words) chemistry teacher who always wore very short skirts and had a habit of sitting on the bench at the front when talking to the class. She must have know what the boys could see and watched for their eyes to wander. Any boys she saw looking up her skirt were told to see her at break to be slippered.. He said it stung a bit, as slipperings go, it was quite mild. He reckons she enjoyed slippering boys and just picked one or two victims each time because she must have known every boy in the class was guilty.

i never got cane by a female teacher but once at primary school when i was ten i was taken over the lap of miss jones the maths teacher who pull my shorts and pants down in front of the whole class and spanked on the bare botto

Hell, I never liked it when the secretary was present.<br />
To be caned by a woman is always erotic to me!

Looking back and thinking about those canings from the headmaster, knowing that the school secretary was there, is quite erotic, but trust me a caning from the headmaster only gave you one thing to think about, and it wasn't her LOL

What a wonderful experience! I'm sure it turned her on, yes. Did you had an erection?

Yes I think she notice it too

I remember having a female teacher who used to cane us in class. She was a PE teacher. It was announced that she was leaving the school at the end of the year. On a dare from some of my mates I went to her and asked her to cane me one last time. She agreed, but said she would do it after school and that I had to report to her after the final bell. After the final bell had rung I went to her classroom. She had just finished a swimming lesson and was dressed in her PE outfit and wore flip flops. She told me to close the door. She walked over to the cupboard and took her cane out and directed me to bend over the back of her chair. I bent over and felt the cane tap my clothed bottom and then the unmistakable sound of the cane swishing down on it's path tomy buttocks. She gave me three hard strokes. Thinking it was all over I stood up and turned to thank her. She pointed with the cane to my shorts and told me to take them down and bend over. This came as a surprise as this was not the norm. I obeyed leaving my underpants up and once again bent over. She gave me another three strokes and again stopped. I wasn't sure if she was done or not, so I stayed in position. Then I felt her fingers under the elastic waistband of my underwear as she pulled them down to my knees. She gave me the last three strokes accross my bare bottom. It is an experience I will never forget and even though it felt as if a swarm of bees had stung my buttocks, I was sort of turned on by the whole experience. Maybe she was too.

I actually tried to get a spanking from female teachers, Starstruck and Kmf! 2 of them knew how to apply a cane!

You lucky guy! I tried my best to get a caning from female teachers ~ it never succeeded. All got form my actions (trouble) was a visit to the heads office. <br />
Thanks for a nice written (erotic?) story.

I didn't set out to get caught and the last thing I expected was to be caned by her. That said it has served me well in my adult life

I know that now ! At the time i wasn't thinking straight. I always wonder if I could find her, she would be about late 60s now maybe even early 70s because I would love to know if there was more to that punishment than I realised. In my mind there was, but then again I doubt it!