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Caned In Front Of The Class.

I was 11 years of age and for about nine months I attended a residential school before going to Grammar school. It was not a prep or public school [or borstal] but was for the children of people who had business overseas and could not take the children with them. It was for short stays of up to 18 months
My Dad had a new job overseas and Mum and my two younger sisters were going with him .Poor me, was being sent to this boarding school.

On arriving I found to my surprise that what I thought was a boys boarding school actually had about one third girls. Classes were mixed but after school and outside meal and play times the girls went to their own ‘house’.

I also gleaned quite quickly from the other boys that the punishment regime was simple. Caning in school and slipper outside.

I had been punished up until then by my parents who used slipper and strap. At my junior school it was the same; a spanking or a few whacks with the slipper across the shorts.

The school was small with about four classes of children aged from about 9 to 12. I quickly made a few friends and became good mates with Jonesy – It was surnames for boys and girls.

Our class teacher was Mr Blackman who was deputizing for the head who, it seemed , was on extended sick leave. The other three teachers were women who would send either boy or girl to Mr Blackman if punishment was needed during class. I think that they did spank the girls in the traditional OTK knickers down style but for more serious matters and for the boys they deferred to Mr Blackman for punishment. The children would bring with them a Punishment Slip which stated name, misconduct and either 2,4,6 H or B.

From an early age I have always had a fascination for all things corporal punishment. I don’t know why this is. Even though I was often receiving it and having my trousers and pants taken down for a thrashing at home I still got a thrill when the subject came up either in seeing others getting it or just hearing about anything to do with it. I felt excited and terrified about being caned. I wanted to experience what the big boys got but was frightened about how much it would hurt. I was sure to get it at some stage. Others had told me about it, described the pain and procedure but all the talking in the world meant nothing. It felt like the ‘Sword of Damocles’

The cane was kept on a high shelf behind Mr Blackmans desk. It was what I now know to be a junior cane; thin,swishy and it’s crook handle hung down. Anyone entering the class soon saw it and saw that the cane was in use here.

Boys wore grey shorts, long socks, pullover ,shirt and tie. Girls wore grey pleated skirt, white knee length socks, white blouse and cardigan.

Jonesy had been at the school for three months and had been caned four times already. The system seemed to work that boys got four strokes and girls one or two. Occasionally ‘Sir’ would give a ‘hander or two’ but most of the time; on the bum. Here was a bit of additional sexual discrimination though. Boys were caned in class by bending over an empty desk in the front row but the girls were taken out into the lobby and caned there. The reason was modesty. They were caned across the knickers whilst bending over a chair. So, no exciting show for us boys. Although it was a half glazed door it was a brave boy who got out of his seat to peek at a girl being caned.

I did get a glimpse once of Mr Blackman caning a girl when I returned during class from seeing matron. I can remember the picture now. Girl with white knicks bent over the caning chair in the outer lobby and Blackman in the middle of caning her. He told me to 'cut along through to the class'. lovely sight.

A welcome interruption to school work would be the arrival of a pupil from another class presenting themselves for caning and ‘Sir’ would read the punishment slip, take down the cane and oblige.

After three weeks of watching the proceedings of a number of classroom canings my turn arrived. I was caught passing a note to another boy after being warned to pay attention. Mr Blackman called us both to the front and as I left my seat I saw him take the cane off the shelf.

I was about to get the cane at school.

After making us stand with our backs to the board he delivered a short rebuke and then told me to ‘bend over the desk’ I was to be first.My tummy churned and I started to shake a little.

I followed the example of other boys and pulled my shirt out from my shorts, walked forward and bent over the front desk with my legs slightly apart. He pushed me a little further down and my school pullover up my back and well away from my school shorts that were stretched tightly across my backside. I snatched a brief look up at the faces watching my caning as he placed the cane across my shorts and paused. There was a vicious swish, crack and I yelled out as my bum felt searing pain of a line of fire. Again, he placed the cane on and again swish,crack yell. I jumped back a little as a reaction but was pushed back over the desk by Mr Blackman. After giving me the four stokes I had expected he told me to get back to my seat and he motioned to the other lad to bend over the desk.

I had been caned. I walked the short distance to my desk, tears streaming and trying to rub the stinging pain from my smarting bum. I turned to see him cane the other boy named Clarke. Four cracks and yells. The matter dealt with.

Not long after this the bell went and we rushed out to the playground where I immediately went to the ‘bogs’ followed by a few lads ,dropped my trousers to see four red tram lines.

There was one other occasion where four of us boys and a girl called Denise who hung out with us were caught hassling a younger girl to show us her stripes after she had been sent along for the cane. I will post this shorter account later.

This is an account of how we were punished in the classroom. The spankings that we got in the ‘house ‘were also memorable for a number of reasons and I have written about one of them as
'Thrashed at Boarding School'

Getting the cane here seemed bad to me as an 11 year old schoolboy but in hindsight although they were sharp strokes that really stung they were not in the same league as the four canings I got when I went onto Grammar school later that year.

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A well-detailed account which vividly conveys your experience to the reader; thank you for posting.

Thanks I love this there anyone out there who would put me across the desk for twelve strokes. I love watching some one getting the cane when I was at school always in front of the class

Thank you for sharing.

There's something magical about being caned or watching another being punished across the seat of their grey school shorts while bent over either a chair back or desk; more pleasureable, though, should one of those strokes stray beyond the hems of the victim's short trousers to land with a fearsome crack over his exposed and vulnerable-looking bare legs.

How long were your shorts at the time of this incident?

Just normal length. He had a good aim.

Excilant, story I can relate to this I liked being caned in front of the class and watching others being caned aswell I think this is where my facination comes from , I would of like to have gone to the same school as you back then

I was never caned in class, only in the head's office, but I got the slipper in front of the class several times. Boys got it through their trousers but we had to lift our skirts and have it on our knickers.

I once got caned in front of my class mates when i was 13 but it was 6 strokes on the bare

You describe what was such a common event in the old days so well

Yes, it was so common place and we just accepted that this was the regime. Much of what was said re. corporal punishemnt still echos in my mind. One case in point was on the first lesson in a woodwork class in the first year the master said to us all that 'if a boys needs to be caned in my class I send over for the cane and the book and cane him myself. This was unusual as recalcitrant boys who fooled around were sent to the housemaster for a caning if it was beyond a slippering offence. It made me wary of him as I didn't fancy being caned by him in class. I did see him cane a boy some months later and he really laid it on. I think he was into it big time.

We never got the cane in class at my school, only the slipper. Canings were done in the Heads'. studies or in the gym. I got the slipper across my knickers in class quite frequently.

Would love to have seen that. As I said, the girls were caned outside in the lobby and being class time it was private. We could just hear it but not see it. Shame.

Scenes depicted in the 2nd, 7th, 11th and 15th pictures of your album were very common at my school. Both boys and girls were slippered in front of the class. We girls had to lift our skirts for it too.

When I went on to grammar school there was plenty of classroom slipperings and I seemed to get my fair share. A gym shoe well swung would really warm the bum and be a constant reminder for the rest of the lesson and some.

An excellent account, my friend. Can't wait to read more! Will contact you early next week for our chat....

Thanks for posting.<br />
I know this scenario very well. My butt received all sorts of canings.