What's It Like?

Before their first caning every schoolboy ponders this question...recently I read this description which may help those who have not felt the swishing rattan cane..."have you ever touched a hot pan but didn't realize you'd burned yourself right away?The cane is like that.It takes a moment to feel just how keen its bite is,but then the sting is like nothing else...fire?...wasps?..It slices like the blade of a sharp knife,but it also burns."....so schoolboy take my word the cane stings and smarts like the dickens
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sounds ike something i would not want all the time but once to feel it

wish icould of had the cane just to know how it feels sounds like its nice an better then strapping dad gave me

Very true!

Yes, that's the feeling - first the impact, and then a feeling as if someone has laid a red-hot wire across your buttocks....

For a split second...nothing..then the searing sting overwelms your brain

Do you think that having a spanking across the knee first befor the cane helps to cushion the pain some headmasters did that

Yes....you hear the THWAAACK as it lands on your bottom and you feel it bering pushed forward. You get little pain at first then....you feel the full effects which take a few moments to build up. All the time the caner is waiting for the pain to build up before THWAAACK another gets your bottom. One thing I have noticed it that it takes longer to be felt on clothing than if its whacked across your bare bottom.

Maybe a split second longer

Ah yes - the delay. Exactly why an experienced caner will pause between strokes so that each one can reach the peak of its pain before the next one arrives.

So each cut is properly felt right where you sit..

Excellent description. That's exactly how it feels.

The cane was the bane of every schoolboys life in my day....the 60's....and teachers knew how to lay it on ...my word they did