The cuts

At my school a caning was called getting the "cuts"and boy did our Headmaster know how to lay it on...3 strokes was the absolute minimum...4 and 6 cuts the usual....even 3 was agony and had me at least up on toes with my back... arched back.. and clutching my bottom cheeks as if my very life depended on it .O how well I remember that "hopping"around with both hands clamped to my bum" clutched and squeezed hopeing against hope that the excruciating sting and smart would receed.You squeezed as hard as possible to try and lessen the searing sting.The stripes lasted about 10 days.. After the first caning you knew what you were in for the next time...and o my word the fear and you waited...butterflies would be flapping in your tummy...your hands would be all clammy..your arms and legs would be all goosebumpy and the last place in the world you wanted to be was outside the Headmaster's office. 6 cuts were administered by the Head ...for truancy (out of bounds and lateness included and defined as such)fighting...swearing...smoking...disgracing the school(so any offence while in uniform on the way to or coming home from school)...So if you were caught for any of these offences you knew what to expect... My headmaster used to say before a caning "let's see if I can place these right where you sit in a two inch group"as he tapped your bottom with the cane before thwacking the first cut.....needless to say sitting on the wooden seat of your desk was quite an ordeal after a caning but sit at your desk you had too.My headmaster was Mr Monroe and he was Welsh.He was an expert in applying the cane.Never in a hurry or rush your bottom had to be in the right position before each stroke.Each cut was given to hurt as much as possible and they were agony believe me...o how he had me crying my head off even at 17 and in 6th form...the first thing anyboy asked after a caning was "how many cuts did you get?"
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Good description of how it was...was one cane thinner than the other?

No both the same....same whippyness ...same excruciating sting

How right you are when you wrote "you clutched and squeezed hoping against hope that the excruciating sting and smart would receed "

Yep...that's what I did alright...but you know I don't think it lessened the sting one little bit

The clutching and grabbing your buttocks was a totally instinctive reaction to the searing agony of the cane

Very true, s/boy!

Your hands would fly around to grab as much bum cheek as possible and squeeze for all you were worth as you went up on your toes with your back arched...for all the world you thought you had been cut in half

That's no lie!

It's hard to describe the world of stinging pain your in for the initial few minutes after the caning ...instinctively your hands have gone back clutching your haven't thought about...because the only thing in your brain is the pain that whippy rattan cane has caused

Very true!

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How many canes did Mr Monroe have and where were they kept?

He had 2....and they were kept hanging from a cupboard door

the number of cane cuts do matter

They sure do...

I am glad your Headmaster was not swayed by as he said...nonsense...caught and the consequence was a exceptions....

I find it hard to admit but yes on a couple of times I did plead even though I knew it was futile.In a whiney voice I'd say "please don't cane me Sir,I will never do it again"or some such then Sir would say "stop your nonsense and bend over"

Yes I am sure you did bellow...and I dare say a little pleading before hand?

Very droll....just got the comment connection...was trying to describe the bellow I gave as the searing sting of the cane cut bit

O dear....sorry couldn't resist....

In the doe a deer song get to Sow and put plenty of volume in your as the smart of each cut bites...

Boy meets cane metzo soprano

I got my share of the cuts alright...each set expertly laid on by Mr Monroe...he used to take the cane way back and step forward thwacking it across my lower bum jaw would be tensed then as the searing sting bit my mouth would open in a high pitched howl..a real caned boy soprano.

I say more strength to his arm...all naughty schoolboys needed a good dose of "the cuts"

Excellent description of a caning exp.. At our schools 3 was also the minimum ~ 4-6 the norm, as you said.

In my mind's eye I still can see Sir testing the whippyness in preparation for administering the cuts

Thank you for this memory - delicious!

Bottomrubber, me too!

it was alright him testing the cane, what worried me was what he was going to do with it once it had passed his test

Hel yes!

The bending between hands as you gawk ashen faced then the swooshing ..the woosh of the rush of air...which you can feel on your skin

Cripes saw how "whippy " it was...that brought a lump to your throat...then with the cane swoosh saw how Sir could put his "arm"into it...tears ready to spill over

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lol how well I remember that .Canning was no joke .I would never want to experience this ever again on my bare backside .

I think when youngetbthe cane on nthe bare bum you remember it much more than if you had trousers or pants on. The time I always remember the most is that dreaded moment when you are told to take your pants off and bend over. I rarely felt embarrassed about having to take my pants down, but knew they had to come down so that the cane would sting my bum as much as possible.....then that horrid wait bending over sticking out my bare bum waiting for the first stroke., Sometimes it seemed like hours before it was whacked........i think this was far more memorable than the whacks landing on my bum but you may have other views on this

You vividly capture the experience here bottomrubber, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account - indeed quite a turn-on!

Did you like to watch other boys getting the cane?

I only ever saw one other boy get the cane, and that was just before I received it for the first time myself, and my feelings were those of anxiety rather than enjoyment. However, I did find the experience of boys (including myself), being slippered in class quite arousing, especially if I was one of a number of boys to be punished. Looking back from my present-day perspective, I find it pleasurable to recall all the punishments which I received myself, or those or others which I witnessed.

I did, b/c I knew my turn is on it's way, so it wouldn't by my butt alone that will be on fire!