Two Pairs Of Pants For A Caning And Getting Caught

In this account the names have been changed and while the quotes used may not be word perfect they are certainly close to what was said and intended.Its a long post...please post a reply if you like long posts like this or wish it was shorter.
I was nearly 11 and at a prep boarding school. It was the same school that just under two years before had resulted in me being sent to the heads office in my pyjamas one morning for the cane. While I was not scared at school, once you have had the cane it is something, at least at this age, you do not want to experience again.
I had been in town Saturday afternoon with Tony and were late back. Not that late, only about twenty minutes, but was regarded as a serious offence. We sneaked in and thought we were not seen. At Monday morning assembly we had forgotten all about it but at the end the head told us to stand up and said “I will see you in my office at 4pm when three of the cane will help you return to school on time in future.” I think my heart almost stopped, and my hands went on my bottom by instinct knowing that it was going to be painfully caned.
This was a fairly new head, only having been at the school about nine months. He did not use the cane that often, but when he did he really use to whack it across the bottom. I saw the marks on boys that had been caned by him in the showers and the marks on their bottoms were far worse than at the time I got my four strokes. Boys that had been caned by both the old head and the new one all said the new heads caning hurt a lot more. This was strange as the new head did not do it on your bare bottom. You had to report to his office in your cotton PE kit and could wear pants under your shorts. Once in the office you had to do a touch toe bend and the cane was whacked across your PE shorts.
I was scared all morning and wondered why it hurt so much more than when I got it on the bare bottom. Of course all those that had been caned before, and those that had not, took great delight in telling Tony and me just how much it hurt. Unlike the first time I was caned, I knew they were telling the truth. I knew how much it hurt when I got it that time on my bare bottom, and having seen marks left by the new head it was clear it was going to hurt a lot more. Time almost seemed to stand still. I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I wanted time to go quickly so as to get it over with but on the other hand I did not want to be bending over having the cane. My thoughts became confused the more the afternoon went on. One thing that I was not confused about was how much my last caning hurt and how much more this one, even with shorts and pants on, was going to hurt. I kept getting a mental picture of seeing the others last time getting their bottom caned and lived the four strokes I got last time in my mind. How it hurt when it whacked my little bare bottom. I kept getting pictures in my mind of the marks we had on our bottoms after being caned and how sore and tender they were, but worse still was the picture of the marks that this head left on boys bottoms that he had caned. The boys said it was a lot worse and they looked a lot worse. I knew this caning was going to be worse and my last one was very painful. I tried to get some comfort by the thought that if it was over shorts and pants it would not hurt so much as on the bare bottom, but it did not convince me. I kept thinking of what they said about it hurting more and those really sore marks I had seen on others after being caned. The two thoughts that did give me comfort was that at least this time it was only three and not four strokes, also I would see Tony getting it. Neither of these two thoughts gave me very much comfort as the afternoon slowly past with every five minutes seeming an hour.
About an hour before the end of school at 3.45 I started to have a plan....on reflection it was a stupid plan. In my comics I had seen boys putting books down their trousers or wearing extra pants if they were going to be caned. they always left laughing after being caned as it clearly did not hurt. The though started to do through my mind that if it worked for them, why would it not work for me....what a stupid thought. I knew that I stood no chance with the book down my shorts and some characters in my comics got caught but not those wearing extra pants. I do not think I paid much attention in the history lesson as I chewed over the idea of two pairs of pants. My reasoning was that it would greatly reduce the pain which really worried me and as he did it on shorts and pants he would never know I had two pairs of pants protecting my bottom. The plan at first did not really have much creditability but as it got closer to the time to be caned I really started to think about it. I concluded that provided I pulled the top pair of pants right up and had the extra pair under them and fairly low, it removed the only chance of being caught by the head seeing the tops of both pairs of pants. I convinced myself that in no way would I get found out, and two pairs of pants may not stop all the sting but it would not be so bad as the first time I got it. I kept going over the plan in my mind and convinced myself that it would work. I also cheered myself up by knowing that I would be able to watch without much fear or pain as Tony got his bottom caned. I decided I would do it, but not tell anybody in case they told the head.
At last it was 3.45 and both Tony and me went to our dorms which were a little way apart and agreed we would meet outside his at 3.55 to go for our caning. I raced into the dorm and took everything off and stood naked with my heart pounding away and my body slightly shaking. I had a second thought about wearing extra pants but dismissed it as he would never find out. Anything was better than the marks I had seen on other boys bottoms after he had caned them....also how much the least one had hurt my bottom...i had top wear extra pants.....nobody would ever find out.
I selected a thick pair briefs and put them on. They covered the area of my bottom that was going to be caned. I thought about putting on yet another pair but rejected it as it increased the chances of being caught. Then, I selected a thick pair of white y fronts and pulled them well up. I checked that they came well up over the waistband of my extra pants. They did a fine job as my y fronts were well up and their was no chance of my briefs being seen. I put my T Shirt on and then my shorts, tucking the T-Shirt well into my shorts and indeed over my bottom for even more protection.
When I met Tony I was fairly confident. I had two lines of defence. I had my long T Shirt on that covered my bottom and extra pants. I thought the most I would feel was a little sting and may even have to pretend it hurt more than it. I also had the tiny hope that we may be let off at the last minute and not have our bottoms caned. In a way I hoped we were caned so that I could test out my protection and “enjoy” without hardly suffering any pain myself Tony getting three real painful ones on his bottom.......I liked that idea. I liked seeing others caned, certainly when not getting it myself or as I thought not feeling it much. Tony, on the other hand, was close to tears as we walked to the heads office.
I said to Tony “don’t let him see you are scared. When you are told just bend over and in a few seconds its all over.”
“Yah...but its really going to hurt and I have not been caned before.”
“Dont worry about what the others have told you. I was scared the first time and it was four on the bare bottom. It was not as bad as they all said it would be. This time we have shorts and pants on and its only three whacks.”
“Yah...but what about those marks we saw on those 12 year olds”
“Dont worry about marks. The marks don’t hurt much, its the contact of the cane on your bum that hurts. Just remember not to look back and try and see it coming.....keep your bum still and above all don’t tense it or the cane will cut it.”
“Thanks Brian”
I knocked on the heads door and we were told to come in. I was just a little shaky as I walked in and breathing hard. I was not so much scared of the pain that I may feel on my bottom, but could I convince the head that the strokes were really hurting with my extra pants.
My body did start to tremble a little when I saw the cane on the heads desk. The cane that bhe was going to whack across our bottoms. I do not know if it was the same one as I had on the bare bottom before, but it looked looked very evil. I started to think that even with extra pants on I would not have to pretend it hurt when it hit my bottom. It was sure to hurt a bit and looking at it was very glad I had extra pants to reduce the sting. Tony had both hands placed on his bottom, clearly already “feeling” the sting as the cane went across his bottom. I did feel both a little sorry and guilty for Tony. He was going to get the full effects of the cane on his bottom and I was going to feel it a lot less. I did feel it was unfair that due to extra pants my caning would not hurt much. I dismissed it, telling myself that their was nothing stopping him wearing extra pants. As these thoughts went through my mind my eyes kept a slightly scary look at the cane. The question I kept asking myself was how much would the extra pants reduce the sting. At this stage not once did the thought cross my mind that I might get found out and worse still what would happen then.
The head picked up the cane and swished it a few times through the air. In spite of the extra pants this still made me a little afraid and a lump came in my throat. I looked at Tony and he had a tear running down his face. He had turned white with fear. I think I would have been the same if it had not been for the comfort of extra pants. The head walked around us and said..
“You boys are allowed out, but you must get back on time. Timekeeping is very important. Three of the cane on your bottoms will no doubt help you keep an eye on the time in future,”
With that he gave Tony a sharp tap on his bottom in the standing position which clearly must of stung as he flinched as it landed. I got the same but felt nothing. I though the head had done this to check for padding and I had past the test. I had not felt a thing so extra pants were clearly very effective.
“Tony you are first. Take your T-Shirt off and come here”
Tony was shaking like a leaf. He was next to me and I could see him shaking and see his skinny white chest heaving as he struggled to take off his T-Shirt. He had always looked thin, but as he took the four paces towards the head he looked thinner still. It looked as if one whack of the cane would cut him in half. He wiped his face and stood by the head. Then those dreaded words
He bent over a little with his bottom facing me. I felt a little excited as I was going to see the cane landing. I felt a bit disappointed that it was on Tonys shorts and pants. It would have been much more exciting seeing them pulled down and the cane hitting his little bare bottom. The thought did not enter my mind that if he got it bare then my bottom would also have been bared. My eyes were fixed on Tonys bottom as his shorts stretched tighter.
Tony bent over a little more with his shorts now almost skin tight across his little protruding bottom. They were so tight that I could see the clear shape of his bottom. I looked at him. He was my friend but it was still rather pleasant seeing another boy getting his bottom caned...frightening really as I was only 11. He was bent so far over that the top of his pants could be seen over the top of his shorts. At once I put my hands down the back of my shorts and made sure my Y fronts were pulled right up to hide my briefs. I convinced myself that they would not be seen. Tony was reaching for his toes, all the time his shorts were skin tight showing the shape of his bottom. His legs were shaking a little and slight movement on his bottom. Clearly this was due to fear. I could see his back moving a little, and guessed that while he had not yet had a stroke on his bottom he was crying. I felt rather relaxed knowing I had extra protection and would not feel it much.
I saw the head taking aim at Tonys like round bottom. Then I noticed it. He had made Tony bend over so far that his shorts wqere so tight that the outline of his pants could be seen. Panic ran through my mind. If I could see the outline of Tonys pants would the head see thye outline of my two pairs. What would happen if he did?
The sound of the cane whacking Tonys bottom and his reaction sent a shiver right through my body. I saw the head lift the cane off his shorts and I do not know if it was my imagination but could see a line right across Tonys shorts where the cane had landed.
My heart started to beat faster...not now with excitement of seeing Tony being caned but of fear that I may get found out. What would he do to me? Would it be three still but on my bare bottom?
I watched and heard THWAAAAACK...........arrrrrrrrr as the second stroke whacked across his skin tight shorts pushing the whole of his body forward. I could hear him sobbing as the full pain of the second stroke started to be felt. I put my hands down my shorts and made sure my Y Fronts were pulled right up. I thought that if I did not bend right down like Tony my pants would not show through my shorts. This good idea of wearing two pairs of pants now seemed not such a good idea. I could not do anything about it. If I owned up I would get extra.....i had no choice but to carry on and hope.
Tony helled in pain as the third one went across his shorts. I was very glad I had extra pants on at the start but now I was worried when would happen if I got caught. Tony stood up and was shaking all over, mostly due to his crying. It was clear by watching the caning this head really whacked your bottom much harder than the last one and in spite of shorts and pants each stroke hurt more than when the old head did it on your bare bottom. Tony slowly tried to stand up. As he did so he put his hands inside both his shorts and pants to try and kill the pain. As he did so his shorts and pants came down a bit, and fell more as he shuffled sobbing back next to me. As he got closer I could see down his shorts and pants and see some very red marks on his bottom. They looked sore,,no wonder he cried.
I knew it was my turn. I knew the extra pants would stop a lot of the pain, but the question was would he find out and get me a worse punishment.
This was it. I was about to find out if my extra pants would be detected. I took a deep breath and pulled my T-Shirt off and walked to the head. All the time I looked at the cane in his hand and could hear Tony crying. As I looked at the cane I knew if I was allowed to keep the extra pants on it would hurt a little but not much. What worried me was if he found out.
Remembering that when Tonys shorts were tight I saw the outline of his pants I only bent forward a little and tried to reach as far as I could with my arms. I did not want to stretch my shorts tight across my bottom. I just reached my knees.
I bent over a bit more and was aware that my shorts were starting to get a little tight. I was aware my shorts had also slip down a little showing the top of my Y-fronts. I was not scared about the chance of him seeing the top of the second pair of pants but their outline. I had nearly reached my ankles.
I knew I would have to bend right over and stick out my bottom with skin tight shorts. I could feel them being pulled tight across my bottom as I reached for my toes. I just kept hoping he would not see the outline of my extra of pants. While I bent over I was scared. Not so much about the pain the cane would cause when it hit me, as I knew this would not be much, but the fear of being found out. The other question was, while two pairs of pants would reduce the sting, just how much would it hurt. They were really red marks on Tonys bottom I had seen, and the head had really caned him hard. It was going to hurt a bit but not as bad as it I got caught.
I took a deep breath an kept still with my bottom sticking right out. I wanted the cane to whack it. If it did then maybe he had not seen my extra pants. Of course what ALSO WORRIED ME WAS JUST HOW MUCH IT WOULD HURT. Was this idea of two pants taking the pain away really true. I was bending over for what seemed liked ages, and as the seconds past it seemed as if he had seen my extra pants. Then, without warning.....
THWAAAAAACK.....the cane landed right across the centre of my shorts and with such force it pushed me forward. I gave a little gasp as it whacked my bottom, more out of shock as I was not expecting it, rather than pain. At first it did not hurt at all....the pants had worked....then the sting started but it was not all that much. It was true that extra pants really did take the sting away and as he had said nothing it looked as if he had not noticed. I kept bending over, shorts tightly across my bottom, and not so worried now. The strokes did not hurt so much and he had not seen the extra pants.
THWAAAAAAAACK.....the second one whacked across my shorts again pushing my whole body forward. The sting started and certainly stung a bit more than the first. It was not that much at all and the best part was that I only had one whack left to take. These strokes that were suppose to be so painful had hardly hurt more than the two measuring up takes I had taken last time on my bare bottom. I felt both please and relieved. Certainly relieved after seeing the way the cane was used and the marks on Tonys bottom. I kept bending over, far more relaxed than for the other two, and waited for the third and final whack.
I seemed to be bending over waiting for this third one longer than the others but just thought he was dragging it out to make it worse. Then....
My heart missed at least one beat as I stood up. Was he going to let me off the last stroke for some reason.....or.....was it....was it because he detected the extra pants. My eyes started to water as I feared the worse.....
I was a little puzzled. Was he now saying that it was not me that had been seen or did he want me to apologise to Tony for getting the cane, or was he going to tell me off because of the way i had watched and enjoyed watching Tony get his bottom caned.
I could not say a word. I had been found What was going to happen now? With a deep sigh, followed by a deep breath I took my shorts off and stood in my Y fronts. The extra pants did not show and I just started to hope that I may escape detection after all but....
No escape now. I stoop in just a pair of towelling briefs, wondering just how sore he was going to make my bottom. It was clear that my bottom was almost certain going to have another encounter with the cane . it was not if it was going to be caned again but how many times was it going to be whacked.
Brian did as he was told and the head turned him round and made me look at his bottom. he had three very red, swollen and sore looking marks right across the middle of an otherwise white bottom. It made me flinch seeing those marks on his bottom. He turned me round, pulled my extra of pants and showed Tony the two slightly red lines across my bottom. He asked Tony and me in turn if it was fair that Tony had these three really sore marks on his bottom but I had hardly got any marks. We both had to agree that bit was not fair. As I said before, I liked watching boys being caned and seeing the marks a whacking left on boys bottoms. However, this time I was close to tears as I saw Tonys poor marked bottom. Close to tears because it was unfair on Tony and the thought that I may soon have marks like those on my bottom.
He told Tony to pull his shorts and pants up and go back to his place . Without being told I pulled the extra pair of pants up and the head looked hard at me and swished the cane a few times through the air making me flinch.
You can flinch Brian. You will do more than flinch when it swishes across your bottom. You tried to avoid the three for being late. You will get those three again. For wearing EXTRA pants I intend to teach you a very sharp lesson and send out a warning to the rest of the school.
I sighed as I had guessed I was going to get the three strokes properly that I had avoided and as I had tried to avoid it by wearing two pairs of pants and shorts on, he was most likely to do it just across the one pair of pants, as I had already taken my Y Fronts off and shorts. I was trembling at the thought of getting three just on one pair of pants after seeing the marks on Tonys bottom. How I was regretting being so stupid and as yet not one stinging stroke had landed on my bottom. The head walked behind me and gave me a sharp flick with the cane across my towelling pants. Unlike last time when he flicked my bottom this stung. He said...
I was expecting three, but was so scared about the prospects of getting six I wanted to say something but could not. My mouth was very dry, I had a sick feeling in my tummy, I was breathing heavy, fighting back a few tears and my legs were shaking as I made my way to the table. I kept thinking what a fool I had been, and kept imagining the marks I had seen on Tonys bottom and now I was going to get six. It would take the skin off my bottom..
I reached over the table and stretched forward. My towel pants which I had put on for extra protection was now the only thing protecting my little bottom from the heads cane. Memories flooded back to the last time I was over the table, pyjama trousers down and taking six on the bare bottom. Now at least I had pants on but a much more fearsome cane was going to be used. One that I had just seen used and the horrific marks it left on your bottom. I hated comics, it was them that had given me the idea.
I had nothing to hide now and reached as far as I could over the table stretching my pants tightly across my bottom, and sticking it right out to be whacked. I gripped the sides of the table hard as I knew I would have to hold on tight once the caning started. I looked back and saw Tony wiping away the last few tears and rubbing his bottom with the other hand. He was looking at me and was clearly going to enjoy seeing my bottom painful caned, just like I had seen him getting it.
Then a cold shiver ran the whole length of my body. It was a shiver of fear. Not of fear of the cane about to land but the head had got hold of each side of my pants. Surely he was not going to pull them down and cane me on the bare bottom. the thought was hardly in my mind when I felt my pants down around my ankles. It was bad last time with my pyjama trousers round my knees and top pulled up. This was far worse. This really frightened me. I was stretched over the table and a[art from my pants around my ankles was Naked from head to foot. I was not afraid of any sexual thing taking place, that never crossed my mind. It was one thing with your pyjama trousers pulled down far enough to expose your bottom for the cane but something else to lay naked reaching over a table waiting to get our bottom very soundly caned. a caning that you knew would make you yell and leave your bottom sore for days. It was far more lonely reaching over the table in the nude than with just pyjama trousers down. It gave the sense of complete helplessness. Their was no chance of your pyjama top falling down and cushioning a stroke. I was feeling sick and shaking as I lay naked across the table sticking out my bottom. I could see Tony looking at me, and no doubt others from some vantage point had a view of me stretching naked over the table. I thought tgat it was only fair, that as I saw them from time to time getting whacked, it was only right they could see me. The only thing was I saw them getting the slipper with shorts down but I was stretching completely in the nude over the table waiting to get my bottom struck six times with the cane.
As I lay their, bare I thought how stupid I had been. I thought that I was now going to get a very sore bottom. I was partly crying as I waited for that dreadful sting to start on my bottom. I was heaving heavy and quickly and feeling both sick and in need of a pee. I was not ready when I heard it.....
The cane went right across the centre of both little cheeks pushing my bottom inwards. It felt as if my bottom had been pushed right into my tummy. Then it started....a slight sting getting stronger by the second, or really the milli seconds. The pain soon overtook what I remember it was like when I was over the table getting caned bare before. The pain just kept increasing and felt as if my bottom was on fire as the second stroke whipped across it. The pain just kept increasing. At least when I had it before it had started to die down a little before the next one went on my bottom. This time the stroke had just about reached its peak sting and the burning starting when my bottom was hit again.
My bottom wriggled around as the third stroke whacked across it. I realised that had I not been so silly it would have been over by now and would have had my shorts and pants to protect me. As it was I was getting it bare and had three more to take. Three more that I knew from last time would hurt more each time it landed than the previous stroke. As I reached over that table just the slightest movement of my bottom increased the pain and the throbbing seemed almost to be in time with my heartbeat. It was felt as if my world was about to end and would never be able to take another three like I had just felt on my bottom. A little drip of water came out of my willy as I reached over. My bottom had already been painfully hit and hurting more than I had ever felt before. Worse still I knew I could do nothing but keep my already hurting bottom sticking out so that it could be hurt some more. The head waited longer between the 3rd and 4th stroke than the rest. His tactic of making the caning worse worked. I felt the full pain of the first three before he carried con. It gave me time to think about how painful the second three was going to hurt and being powerless to prevent it. For me, I think it was made worse because it was not just my bottom had been bared like when I had my pyjamas pulled down, but was completely naked except for a tiny pair of pants around my ankles. It makes the pending next three seem worse.
The fourth one went right across my already sore bottom. I remember crying out in pain and expelling a drop more water from my willy. It caused me to feel sick as the pain seemed to travel right through my body and my bottom felt as if it had been cut open. I tried to keep still, but my bottom kept on twitching after the cane had whacked it, and as it twitched it hurt more. (I found out from Tony and on seeing the mark saw it had landed right on a previous cut and had produced a droplet of blood.
i yelled out again as the fifth stoke went across my poor bottom. I just was almost unable to move due to the pain. I just gripped the table, kept my bottom as still as I could and try to get comfort that this would be the last stroke.
The last one found its bottom. I felt sure I did not have any skin left on it. The last one may have landed but the pain still increased. The sting increased. The burning sensation on my bottom increased. The throbbing seemed to increase by the second and just the slightest movement of my bottom sent a sharp pain that seemed to go right through my body and not confined just to my bottom. I had a deep sinking and feeling sick in my tummy. I had tears pouring from my eyes and caused my little body to shake with each sob. It is only people that have actually had six hard strokes with the cane on their bare bottom can really understand what it feels like just after that sixth stroke has landed.
I got up from the table slowly as the pain increased as I tried to stand up. I put my hands on my bottom to try and reduce the pain. As soon as I touched my bottom I took my hands off it at once as it was sore. No way could I rub away the sting like it showed in my comics or when I had it with just my pyjama trousers down. I fought the pain and somehow stepped out my pants, looking at them and thinking that I was now in the state I was because I had put them on. Just a small step made my bottom hurt more. Tony must have felt sorry for me and as the head put the cane away he picked up my pants and handed me my shorts. I managed to put my shorts on but was in agony every time they touched my bottom.
We left and headed to the showers so as to get some cols water on our burning bottoms. Tony walked along with both hands firmly on his shorts grasping his caned bottom. I tried to do the same but it made it even worse. I put my hands down inside my shorts and held them away from my bottom, also making sure my hands did not touch my caned bottom. We got to the changing room and inspected each others marks and looked at out own in the mirror.
When I took off, with great care and pain,my shorts they had tiny little spots of blood on them from where the cane had cut. I am not saying I had a badly cut bottom, but it had just caused a few little sports of blood, about the size of a pinhead to show on my white shorts. The shower did help to deaden the sting but the throbbing and burning went on for some time. At last I managed to touch my bottom. Gently touching it I could feel five ridges where the cane had hit it. Five, not six, as one stroke had landed right on top of another.
My bottom carried on stinging and burning for several hours. When I got undressed for bed I tried to rub it some more. I felt the five ridges right across both little cheeks but most noticeable my bottom was not soft like it had been prior to being caned but was hard as concrete. I had to sit on my side for three days before being able to sit on my bottom again. It then still remained tender for about a week and the marks took over three weeks to fade. I never wanted to be caned again...but I was, but never tried wearing extra pants again.
It was a hard caning, but was not excessive compared to the way the cane was used at that time. Sure it left my bottom marked and sore, but then it was suppose to do just that. Their was no way that in those days it would be regarded as abuse....just a well caned bottom. Having to reach over the table naked would not have been regarded as indecent assault. The view taken was that if you did not want to have your pants taken down and your bare bottom beaten then you should behave.
I never tried to cheat on a punishment again and do not think any boy tried again. The marks which were seen on my bottom by nearly every boy in the school made sure they did not try.The head also after this, would pull a boys shorts and pants away from his bottom to check for padding before telling him to bend over. I think the head stayed about three years after this and I do not recall him caning any other boys on the bare bottom. it was either on shorts and pants or just pants. One of the deputies would have your pants down and do it bare. The head did not often cane but when he did boys really had sore bottoms, much sorer than when done bare by the deputy. After I left a new head arrived and by all accounts he made much more use of the cane and was always with pants down and right across the bare bottom.
On reflection I deserved the caning I got and was not that severe considering my offences. I also learnt, and confirmed by seeing others whacked, that at the half way point the head would wait a bit longer. This gave you time to feel the full effects on your bottom before carrying on and to contemplate just how painful the remaining strokes were going to be....I wonder if anybody came across this when they were getting caned.
The last thing was that while the cane hurt more on the bare bottom than on pants I DO THINK A lot of it was in the mind. I think I thought that as it was on my bare bottom it would hurt more than on my pants. I may have but not as much as I had imagined. It did not hurt as much when my pyjama trousers were just pulled down sio that the cane could be applied to my bare bottom, as when all I had on was a pair of pants round my ankles. I think it was again the thought that I was naked from head to foot, not just my bottom bared, that made it seem worse.
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Personally I think you deserved all you got if not more

Caning was quite frequent at my boarding school. Daytime over the trousers, or on pants with trousers dropped - the headmasters standard favourite. However some masters made you report for caning in you games shorts. I never experienced the latter but understand it was a painful matter. The query was that no one had ever been told whether to wear gym shorts alone or pants could be kept on underneath and there was much discussion about the matter. Most seemed to think they should take their ordinary pants off and only wear gym shorts. Someone once said that as his sister was caned in her gym pants he assumed that it was the same for him!
Caning remains with you for ever and some of us are still receiving it long after we have left school.

Yes i love giving n recieving cane still. I went to public school. Always caned in gym shorts whick we had to drop for punishment but we wore a jock

I like your comment and know what you are referring to. I also still receive canings.

Great story.

I was always caned naked. Boys had to report in their white y-fronts to the headmaster or the deputy headmistress.

In the office we removed our pants and waited in line for the punishment.

After being caned on the bare arse we remained naked for the next week.

yes same as you. had to report to head office in tight y
nylon gym shorts ten take em off in office. stand in a row with hands on head watching guys recieved six cuts while sprouting a *****...two cuts extra on each hand for that to stop us wanking

i am not saying this is not true, but find it hard to imagine that boys had to remain naked for a week after getting their bare bottom caned. Was it a mixed school...what did teachers thing, more importantly the female staff and your parents.

It was extremely optimistic of you to believe you could get away with that extra protection from the cane ....fear won out over good sense...

yes....and the price that i paid was high

But surely you calculated that if you were caught you would be up for more cane strokes.....


I can well relate to your wanting to reduce the sting...I desperately wanted that too...

As you say two pairs of pants were schoolboy madness

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I was about 11_12 years old and I was almost always caned and spanked otk bare but some times it depended on the heardmaster at the time, dont get me wrong it hurt like hell I tryed not to get it to offtern but I still wanted it

dont get me wrong but at that age it sounds as if the head needed vo put the cane a bit harder across your bare bottom. I wonder if your bum was throbbing and stinging for hours like mine use to do after a caning, plus being sore for a few days if you would still have wanted it

That story took me ages to read well done loved every moment of it, never thought of trying that besides I love being spanked or caned any way,
Every time I was caned at school I would always asked the headmaster if I could have a spanking over his knee first befor I got the cane

how old were you at the time and were these spankings and canings over clothing or on your bare bum. How many times did you get caned

A lot of them, including myself tried, but it was always discovered + the resulting extra cuts.

It is very long, but you gave a true account of your experience. It was also erotic (for me) to relive your experience.

I wonder how many nother boys have been tempted to wear two pairs of pants cwhen expectingbto get vwhacked con shorts or trousers. More tomthe pont did vthey actually do it, or decide against it vat the last minute. At least at schools where pants cwrre takenn down for acwhacking biys were not tempted to do this

Same with me.

was it then a case of pants diwn and a good thrashing on your bare old were you at the time

Not pants down, only the additional 1. I received extra cuts from he cane. I was 14 or 15.

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That is the best I have read on this site

some people keep it very short, but when I write i tend to re-live that moment. I think you need to try and put detail in to really build up the picture as to what it was like. From you I take the praise as a great compliment.

Thank you for these stories

Great story so I rated it up for you. I was never caned as the preference was a hairbrush by moms and the hand and razor strop from dad. I think the intensity of getting 50 to 100 with strong armed dads otk with the hand followed by 20 to 40 with the razor strop was just as bad, if not worse. I got my first stropping at age 17 and the worst at age 18, all in the bare. No such thing as spankings with briefs on, just solid bare bottom consequences.
I too write detailed stories and think you should just keep providing the detail for the readership as most writers here tend to be too brief and less vivid. What do you think? Hope you enjoy my stories as I have enjoyed yours.

What a story! ya never ever tried that again....what were you thinking

you are right....i never tried that again nor did any boy in the school. With the head looking down the back of your shorts sometimes before whacking your bottom the chances of detection were too great. What made me do it ? Several things. Firstly, while this head did not cane that often he really whacked hard....that scared me. I had got six from the previous head with my pyjama trousers down and they hurt like hell but this head was suppose to do it harder. I saw the marks on boys he had caned and they were a lot worse that the previous head. I was just scared about gett9ing my bottom caned again and the wait made me more afraid along with the comments from other boys. I then recalled stories in my comics where books and extra pants had been worn and the whacks did not hurt nor the boys caught out. I was so desparate not to get a painful whacking like last time I would have done nearly anything to reduce the pain caused by the cane. I just was not thinking clearly...that is what fear can do.

I understand...

Great story....I think you would have to agree you deserved what you got....also your Sir knew his stuff...cane nice and slow letting the lad feel..every stroke...the first..fourth...and sixth should have extra "arm" in them...

H e did not need to put extra arm in any of them. He really whacked that cane across my bare bum. If he had done it any harder he woukd have cut rightinto it instead of just causing tiny specks of blood to form. It was a caning byou had to actually feel on your own bottom to know just how much it hurt and what itbis like to be in such pain after three, knowing byou still have three more to take

Yes you sure do