The Broken Cane

I had been reported to the headmaster for truancy. It was 10am, and assembly had just finished as i made my way to his study.
I nervously stood outside the door marked office, and knocked.The secretary called out come in which i did closing the door behind me.
She looked up from her typing, and with a smile asked me what she could do for me. Ifelt myself blushing as i told her that i had to see the headmaster.
Not quite taking the hint she then asked me if it was anything she could help me with. This was now getting awkward,here i was nearly seventeen about to explain to an attractive brunette in probably her late twenties that i was here to have my bottom caned in the room opposite where she could hear everything.
Er um i have been sent to the headmaster because i was caught playing truant i blurted out as i felt myself turn an even deeper shade of red.
Oh i see she replied the penny finally dropping Well she was new this term so it might have been her first experiance of a boy being sent for a caning.
She pressed the intercom button and when the head answered told him i was here to see him, he told her to send me in. Icouldnt get away fast enough, and knocked on the heads door. On being told enter did so , and stood facing the great man.
After the lecture that they always give, sentence was passed six strokes no less. He then opened his desk drawer and extracted a cane about four foot long, the type used in the garden. Placing the cane on his desk he then picked up a small footstool from behind his desk, and brought it round to the front.I was then told to kneel on the stool, and put my hands on the floor in front.
This position elavated my bottom skywards, he then stepped behind me lifted my blazer tails over my back, and pulled out my shirt tails laying them over my back as well.
He then picked up the cane and proceeded to rub a stick of chalk up and down it. After a minute he took up a stance behind and to my left, and gently tapped my bottom to get his aim. I heard the whistle and the ear splitting crack as it landed at the centre of my bottom, but didnt feel anything at first, then with an involuntary agh the pain kicked in by which time he was tapping for the next, which landed slightly lower i felt.
I stayed silent for that one and the next, but the fourth was a real earsplitter, and i yelled out quite loudly. Then nothing i heard the head mutter something then reach down and pick something up off the floor.
He then returned behind his desk and pressed the intercom, and asked the secretary to go along the corridor to the deputy headmasters room and ask to borrow his cane for a few minutes as this one has just broken. While this was going i had started to move around a bit . The head told me to keep still he hadnt finished with me yet.
Just then there was a knock on the door and being told to come in the secretary entered the room carrying a crook handeled cane. My embaressment was now complete. Looking behind i could see this very curvy young school secretarys eyes staring at the four well spaced chalk marks on my bum, the pain of which was now coming in surges causing me to wiggle from side to side.
The head thanked her as he took the cane from her, and proceeded to tap my bum with it. This time it was a different kind of whistle and louder impact, which got me on the part where bottom meets thigh i lifted my head up and yelled out, but was aware of someone exclaiming OH.
I looked round sharply, and to my horror she was still in the room by the door watching my bum wiggling around as if it was on fire which it was.
The head said nothing just lined up for the last one which he delivered with gusto/ By now i was in tears the pain was atrocious. He told me to get up which i did both hands clamped behind me not caring that the secretary was watching me prance around the room trying to get away from my own backside.
The head then handed her the cane and asked her if she would mind returning it. S he took it giving me a sideways glance as she left the room.
As i was getting dressed the head filled out the punishment book then told me i could go.
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How embarrassing my last caning was when I was 18 and done in front of others.

I got the cane in 6th form with some others (boys and girls) when I was 18 too.

Yes mine was with other boys and girls too, we all got six with the cane, the girls had to lift their skirts and got it over their knickers while us boys had to drop trousers and got it over our underpants.

Truancy was a definite caning offence when I was at school. Several of my friends and I got caned for it at various times , including in 6th form.

Ah yes "prancing around trying to get away from my own backside"...great description...that world of bum stinging agony straight after the caning ...trying as much as you can to lessen the smart with your hands squeezing great handfuls of your bum cheeks..while your vision is blurred from the tears you are crying and you are desperately trying to get under control

It sounds to me the headmaster new his story.

Thanks for telling us = excellent desc<x>ription!<br />
Caning was an everyday occurrence in our schools and at a court of law.<br />
Those garden canes are rubbish. They always broke. The rattan cane ( you received the last 2 strokes with), is a different story!

Yes i agree, regretfully they were made specificaly for the job.
That was my last school caning, but i assume the head aquired a rattan as the replacment, and it would be a nice thought that he practiced on the new secretary.
Well we can dream cant we.

I like your line of dreaming!

thank you very much very excellently written. I was wishing I was that pretty secretary and could see the anxiety and fear you must have been feeling. I don't think i would ever be brave enough to actually witness this brutal act. How long do the bruises last on your bottom? I'm sorry you had to endure this but I'm glad you told your story

Yes well we might today regard this as a brutal act , but back in the seventies when this took place caning and slippering in school was an everyday occurance. So because of this although it was probably the first time she had ever witnessed a caning due to the fact that she was new to the school, i think it was more curiosity than any other reason that she stayed to watch.
The stripes lasted for three or four days if i remember correctly six red lines from the centre of my bottom downwards the lowest on the part where bottom meets thigh.
The worst bit apart from the caning was trying to sit in class on the hard wooden chair, and having to explain to the female teacher in this case why i kept wriggling about.

That's no lie!

I had female teachers at my school...and some of them were real cows when you came back to class after the cane

Sitting still was impossible

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