School Secretarys

School secretarys seem to be most prominant in most storys that we read of in visits to the headmaster or headmistress.
We read of pupils having to ask the secretary for the punishment book or cane, and sometimes both.Not too traumatic for the girls or younger boys, but for a senior boy to have to ask a sometimes young and attractive lady for a cane or book or both a very embaressing occurance.
We even hear of secretarys being asked to step in to witness a caning.
Fortunatly none of the above scenarios ever applied to me when i was caned at school.
However we did have to report to the school secretary, whose office was adjacent to the headmasters study, and have to tell her why we were there. She would then speak to the headmaster via an intercom and in you would go.
During my five years at that school i paid five visits to that study, and except for the last time always the same secretary, and yes she was pretty late twentys long dark hair.
Knowing that she could hear from just outside the door every swish crack and yelp didnt help much even if you did try and stay quiet, if it was a six stroke caning[ most headmaster canings were] from the fourth stroke on you couldnt help yell out rather loudly.
The phrase aragh my arse comes to mind.
When it was over you stepped out into the secretarys office desperatly trying to keep a brave face and not grab your bum which had waves of pain surging through it as you walk past her desk.
She in turn smiling sympatheticaly as she sits there on her soft round bum that doesnt have six blazing red stripes across it.
I wonder if any other members have similar experiances regarding the school secretary, or even more interesting would be if any current or ex secretarys would comment on their thoughts at the time when pupils were caned within their earshot or presence
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re above it was embrassing seeing the school secatary before the caning she would say things like may be you will just a spanking today not the stick! this was meant to reasure you but did not just made it worse!

re above just realised spelling very poor and grammer may be i do need a spanking

We had to report to secretary as you did. She would then take our permanent school record in to the headmaster as we stood waiting outside his office, face to wall. Then, after the caning we would have to return the record to her which was always very embarrassing.

I always found it far more embaressing having to visit the office where the head, housemasters and housemistresses office was due to the presence of the secretary. She was only too aware of all of the corporal punishment that was given to both girls and boys. It was that knowing look upon arrival and the bottom rubbing exit past her to the door. She had a great figure and was reasonably attractive in her twenties which made it all seem even more embarassing for a 11-15 year old school boy.

I have no doubt you were embarrassed....was she able to hear your howls?

Oh Yes

Did you try to stop yourself as a result of her proximity

Not really. I just had to endure the caning the best I could.

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