Cane At School

I left school in 1987 - the year it was banned!  I got just the once for going to an out of bounds part of the school fields.  A group of us got it after we'd all been warned not to go there (I think only because it could not be seen from the school itself and so they could not watch  what we were doing.).  We thought there was safety in numbers, but did not expect there to be a teacher there waiting for us!

Very painful.  In  fact far more painful than I imagined even though I'd heard form older boys (including my brother) what it was like. 

Some of my friends got it more than once.  I just made sure that I kept out of trouble after finding out what it was like.  I was very keen not to experience it again!

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Spank, as Jenny said; but we also use the word slipper for<br />
the shoes we put on after a bath or any other time before we go to bed. :)

Presumably you're not from the UK. The "slipper" is a plimsole or gym shoe which was commonly used for informal classroom punishments. In some (sexist) schools, boys got the cane but girls "only" got the slipper. The slipper is meant to be less severe than the cane but, in fact, it can impart a ferocious sting and cause significant bruising. Six whacks with the slipper from my former gym mistress was not a pleasant experience. :-(

what is the slipper. Sorry I had to ask! I haven't heard of it before.

Totally true, Jenny!

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I think, when I was a lot younger, expulsion would have been better than the cane but it would be worth having the cane to avoid my parents being told I'd been expelled.<br />
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I don't blame your wife for having the cane instead of lines, I would too. The type of things I might have got lines or detention for were not the type of things that deserved the cane. In my case, it was really lines or the slipper. I wasn't usually given a choice but, as I knew I'd get the slipper if I didn't do my lines, I simply didn't do them ;-) Spending an hour or more writing lines is a lot worse than spending a few seconds having the slipper and a stinging bum for 20 minutes or so.

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When i received the 8 cuts (described in 1 of my stories), we had the choice. Our parents told and expel, or the cane. Not a difficult choice hey?<br />
My wife also took the cane during school in the place off lines and detention. It was only once. At home she got the riding crop from her mom. Her dad died when she was 9. She do'nt has a crave for it now, but she knows how to use it on my butt.!

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You and I seem to have followed the same pattern. I first got the cane when I was about 11 or 12 and it was nearly two years before I got it again so I would also have been about 14. After that, I got it quite a few times up until I left compulsory education at 16. I went back to 6th form but I didn't get the cane at school again. I'm not sure if 6th formers were liable to be caned, I never heard of any getting it. It would, of course, have been very easy for the school to expel 6th formers. Personally, if I had the choice of expulsion or the cane, I would have chosen the cane and I know most of my friends would also.

My first caning in school was when i was 11 or 12. It was shocking painful. With the following caning was when I was 14 and in high school. I received a few, but when i was 15 it was more and during one i felt something erotic afterwards. From there on i found it more and more a turn on.