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I went to a mixed school. I got in with the wrong crowd when I was 15. Nothing too serious but enouh to land me in the headmasters study. A letter had been sent to my parents and my mum had to take me along to see the head. I got the usual lecture and my mum pleaded my case for me and promised to keep me out of trouble in future. I made the same promises but it still wasn't enough to save me and I had to agree to a caning.  We had to wait outside while another member of staff was sent for and were then called back in  I got two stokes of the cane one on each hand. It was I found more humiliating than painful but  I must admit I never got in trouble again.

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Same-ish for me... bare *** cane.. and had to be a opposite sex witness to ensure no brutality...

Alas - for lads.. this can lead to something else rising for a few moments.....

but I look back and DO NOT see it as abuse as it certainly discouraged me from a repeat offence

Hi 4dafoz, it was the same at my school, some teachers relished the cane and used it freely, while a few never or rarely used it.

You said that some women teachers were caning enthusists, did they enjoy caning the boys, or just liked to keep discpline.? Were girls also caned?

The first time I got the cane at secondary school was for not standing up on the bus for adults and was at Monday morning form assembly. Along with two other boys my name was mentioned by the Headmaster or Rector as he was called, and while the pupils stood and sang a hymn we had to go to the gym, about a minute away, change into our gym shorts and come back before the hymn finished. You were not supposed to wear underwear as the idea was because girls were caned on their knickers, boys should only have one layer of clothing too. If you did wear underpants when you bent over the seam where you bottom joins your thighs would be visble with the result you would get more strokes. As it was my first caning I got four strokes while the other two boys got six. You were expected to stay slient and not move. This wasn't easy as the strokes were hard ones.

We then had to sit down for the 10 minute assembly and when the concluding hymn was sung go and change back into our normal trousers. In the gym we would compare welts which looked like red ridgelines.

My next caning was for not getting a haircut when I was told to, that was 6 strokes.

Individual teachers used the cane in the classrooms too, but most didn't bother to make you go and change and the number of strokes were usually fewer. Not all teachers believed in the cane and some didn't use it, while others were enthusiasts, particularly a couple of the women teachers.

When I went to a Catholic primary school in the 1960s, all the teachers were female - 4 nuns and 2 lay teachers. All used the strap which you got on your hand. The times I got it didn't bother me, it wasn't much of a deterent to bad behaviour.

At the intermediate and secondary schools I went to, however, the cane was used - which was much more effective as a deterent. At the intermediate school canes were kept in the classrooms, either resting on the chalk rails (all the canes were of the straight variety) or behind the teachers' desks resting on little hooks. They were regularly used and in the first year I got it 4 times. The teacher told you to come up to the front of the class, bend over and you got 3 to 6 strokes on the bottom. I can remember it felt like a red hot poker was being laid across my bottom with each stroke. The amount of vigour applied differed between teachers however, so a three stroke caning from one teacher could be as painful as six strokes from another teacher.

Hi Oupa,

The average women probably is physically weaker than the average man but, as you say, a woman's body is built to withstand the stresses of childbirth so it's quite capable of withstanding a few strokes of the cane. Also, the idea of exempting all women because "women are weaker" ignores the fact that a particular woman can be stronger than a particular man. The women's world champion weight-lifter can lift weights that most men couldn't but, according to the sexists, she is still weaker than the weakest man.

You might think the Singapore cane works but, if you analyse it, it actually has little effect on crime. Women are exempt so, if it did have a significant effect, there would be much more crime committed by women than by men. The conditions in a Singapore prison are so bad that I have heard of women pleading to be caned to reduce their prison sentence. It seems imprisonment in Singapore is probably a sufficient deterrent. If caning were used as an alternative to prison, it would reduce the prison population.

I thought your first language might be Afrikaans. I was right, also, about your being able to write English better than I can write your language. I don't know any Afrikaans. All I know about it is that it derives from Nederlands (Dutch). I do like the Afrikaaner accent though - there's something very "down to Earth" about it. I like the Australian accent too, for the same reason.

.Yes it would be far better to cane them on the bare. As you said, it will really hurt bad, but then they have something to remember and yes, it will be soon over.

Oh the sexists! A lady is suppose to be the weaker sex, but how can it be if they are able to bring children in the world? When we still had juridical canings in South/A, i attend a few of them as part of my hobby. There i saw some men howling and shouting like a little pig while the strokes are administered.

The Singapore cane (diamater 15mm) is a holy terror, but it works!

My first language is Afrikaans. Thankyou for the comment on my English. I try my best better it. Lol

Hi Oupa,

Those who campaign against corporal punishment don't always think about the alternative. A few strokes of the cane, especially on the bare buttocks, is going to really hurt but it's soon over. Going to prison for a year or two could have very long lasting effects. One will lose one's job, possibly one's home (if the mortgage or rent hasn't been paid). One's family will also suffer which could lead to a breakdown of one's marriage. I know of a woman that happened to after she spent 5 years in prison in Singapore. If she had been a man her sentence would have been two years plus 24 strokes of the cane. Despite her pleading to be caned and given a shorter term of imprisonment, the sexists refused so she suffered more for being a woman.

Even paying a large fine has repercussions on the family budget. Imagine suddenly losing a week's pay, or a month's. In the UK, some people are in prison because that can't pay a fine - often single mothers whose children have to taken into care at the state's expense. Wouldn't it be better all round to just give them the cane?

At school, only the Headmistress, Assistant Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress used the cane and it was given in their respective offices. All teachers used the slipper and that was given in class or wherever we happened to be when we got caught - in the playground, corridor, etc.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my writings. English is my native language so I do have something of an advantage. What is your first language? Whatever it is, you write English far better than I can write your language.

Hi Jenny,

Facts! The cane before any other form of correction, specially if prison is a possibility. We mostly had to visit the Head's office for spanking/caning, but it could be administered any place in the school/class.

I wish i can wright such lovely letters like you, but my home language is not English.

I think we can wright more direct to one another, so i am going to make you afriend.

Hi Oupa,

I should have mentioned a fourth type of school in the UK. These tended to be the worst in terms of discipline and academic achievement. They were run by sexist pigs and only caned boys. The girls tended to be exempt from all forms of punishment and, as a result, ran riot. Not only did they harm their own education, they harmed that of the boys too who just couldn't study in peace. A friend who went to one such school said it wasn't unknown for girls to smoke in the classroom and tell the teacher, literally, to "**** off" if he or she said anything. They were untouchable and they knew it.

Getting back to your comment. Yes, I believe the British were the instigators of caning. In UK state schools of my generation it was only used for the more serious offences and usually only by Headmasters/Headmistress. Private schools tended to use it more liberally.

The most I ever got in one "dose" was 6 (hard) strokes which I think was the most anyone ever got at my school. I would say it stung more than hurt but both those terms are subjective. My bum was sore for a few days though.

Having said that, I still preferred the cane (or better, the slipper ;-) ) to other forms of punishment. Even now, as an adult, I'd rather have the cane than go to prison.

Hallo Jenny, Thanks for answering. Yes, in the UK people knew how to use the cane. I think we in S/Africa learnt it from you people, but traditionally we use the short whip here. The slipper was only used here in the lower classes. From age 11 it was the cane.When I was in std 7, i and a few friends earned 8 strokes. Hell, it was painfull; during it i felt something erotic. It grew more and more with the following spankings.

Hi Oupa,

I'm female. In the UK, different schools had different policies. In some schools boys and girls got it on their hands, in others girls got it on the hand and boys on the bum, and in yet others boys and girls got it on the bum. At first, my school caned both boys and girls on the hand but when the headmistress retired, her replacement caned boys and girls on the bum.

We normally got 3 - 4 strokes but occasionally we'd get six.

In class, we'd get the slipper on our bums.

Hi Jenny, are you M or F? We, boys, never received the cane on our hands.I was a 'naughty' boy; you know the normal boy-stuff. For certain things, some my friends and i were caught and we got the cane on the right place = the bum! I can assure you that we earned it, but most important, that kept us away from more serious things that could have landed us in the hands of the Law. We diffinitely learnt a lesson!

We normally received 4-6 cuts with the cane.

I got three on my hand, for truancy, the first time but, after that, it was always on my bum.

I was always caned on my backside.