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Caned At Boys Grammar School

I avoided corporal punishment at my junior school apart from once getting my legs slapped by a woman teacher. At my grammar school I got the cane twice. The first time was in the second year when I was 12 and had been sent out of the class by the teacher for messing about. I had been standing there for 5 minutes or so and was getting bored and I started to look at the pictures hanging up in the corridor nearby. I lifted one up to see if anythig was written on its back and suddenly it fell to the ground and all the glass broke with a loud noise! I was horrified and immediatley the teacher came out and sent someone to get the caretaker and sent me to the headmaster to tell him what had happened. I was terrified because it had been an accident and I knew that if you were sent to the head it normally menat the cane. I'd had the slipper a couple of times by then I think but everyone said the cane was a lot worse. I had to bend over a chair in his office and I got 3 strokes with the cane, which had me in tears. The caretaker was still clearing up the mess when I got back to class!
DerekF123 DerekF123 51-55, M 30 Responses Nov 12, 2009

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I remember it well .I had a habit of getting caned always seemed to be in trouble .I dont think a week went by at school when there werent tram lines on my bum .

I got my first caning in the second year at grammar school too - three strokes bending over a chair - Snap!

I must say I'm glad it was on the backside. I'd hate to have been caned on the hand as you were at junior school.

No, my head did not insists. I think he didn't want the secretary to miss out on the thrill of watching us being caned. It we were made to bear out butts, all the doors, etc. would have be closed.

did you get it on your trousers and pants or did you have to take your trousers down and take it just on pants. Or was your head one of those tthat insisted on trousers and pants coming down for the cane

It is imported, b/c it teaches you to accept the result (consequences) of you actions.

I am twelve, I read this as I was doing a debating topic on whether use of cane is necessary. I am supposed to agree it is necessary. Someone pls tell me about y it is important. This is my brothers account. Pls reply.

I am twelve, I read this as I was doing a debating topic on whether use of cane is necessary. I am supposed to agree it is necessary. Someone pls tell me about y it is important.this is my brothers account.

Yes the masters that caned hard but were fair and decent gentlemen as well achieved wonders.

Yes Taylor, it sounds like it!<br />

Yes 3 hard strokes as Miles said. Let them lie on a bed over 2 pillows, with only a underpants on. Later you can do it on the bare and more strokes if necessary!<br />
If you have specific question our are very welcome to ask.

If you have to cane them, cane them HARD.<br />
Three strokes should do it<br />
If it doesn't, then increase the number of strokes

Well said Miles!

well as I said any tips or handy ideas always welcome

Thanks for your answer, Margaret.<br />
Looks to me if you have everything under control.

11 & 13 year old girls. I now use it in addition to the hand.<br />
<br />
My other 2 boys 4 & 7 still get the hand.,<br />
<br />
Been a busy time here with all that going on, they are getting so disruptive.<br />
<br />
Any useful tips much appreciated Margaret Saville

Margaret, are your eldest 2 boys or girls?<br />
Yes, bottoms-up!!

I discivered the cane and the paddle at the start of this year. It works well on my eldest two. <br />
<br />
The saying Bottoms Up has a whole new meaning in my home.


Teenagers 16 and upwards and young men up to about 35-ish, YES!!!

Thanks for answering Miles. Do you find it erotic to spank?

as i am 100 per cent gay i do NOT enjoy women in any form

Miles, who do you prefer to cane, M/F, and why? Do you find it erotic?

ope<br />
yes, but I give most of the canings these days

You were a naughty boy, Miles!?<br />
Did you ever get caned/spanked after school?

from the age of eleven upwards I used to get caned about three times a week! Sometimes across the bare bum. They HURT.

Hi Oupa,<br />
<br />
I never had 5 of the best. Mine were 2, 3, or 4 strokes (not exactly "the best"), 6 of "the best" and, once, 6 of the VERY best - I was sore for over a week after that.<br />
<br />
Even that, though, would have been better than being expelled from sixth form.<br />
<br />
(The way you put it, "expulsion" is the correct word.)

Hell yes, that "6 of the best". I had a few of those, mostly it was 4 or 5 of the best and once 8 of the very best. Woo!, those teachers and Principals could administer a caning.<br />
I agree on the 2 minutes of hell and the 2 days of the result, was nothing compared with expulsion(hope it's the correct word), for me and my parents.

Hi Oupa,<br />
<br />
I never got the cane at home, only the slipper, hairbrush and belt. At school I got the cane up until I left compulsory education at 16. Between 16 and 18 (6th form) I didn't get the cane or the slipper at school. At that age we were there voluntarily and also had a lot more freedom - no uniforms; allowed to wear make-up; allowed to smoke in designated areas. It would, of course, have been very easy for the school to expel us from 6th form if we did seriously misbehave. Being expelled from 6th would have been very serious so, if I were in a position where I might have been expelled, I would have tried to have the cane instead. A minute or two having "six of the best" and the resultant soreness would be nothing compared to the long term consequences of being expelled.

Hi Jenny,I got the slipper at home, except for that 2 instances that I described in my stories, where i got the black cane from my mother. From std.6 when I was 14, and up to age 16, the cane kissed my butt many times. Always from 4-6 strokes. Hell and it was difficult to climb the stairs back class, when ones pants span? over ones butt.I was always afraid and did't enjoy it. That 1 time I received the 8 cuts (one of my stories) was the first time I experienced something erotic. From thereon I was hooked. So from age 16 to 18 the cane still visited my butt., but all-tho it was very sore, I experienced it totally different.

Hi Oupa,<br />
<br />
I was the same age when I first got the cane and I got three too. My Headmistress also knew how to use it but, luckily, I managed to avoid getting it again for nearly two years. I got the slipper plenty of times during that two years though and, in my final two years (aged 14-16), I more than made up for all the canings I'd missed.<br />

My first caning at school was also at ± 12. That was not my first caning. I had some from my mom. Anyway, it was also 3. Because i had caning experience i managed not too cry out loud, but i had tears in my eyes. Dam, the Head knew how to use a cane.<br />
<br />
Any other canings later Derek?

Headmasters sure knew how to lay on the cane