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I recall as a youngster being fascinated by the cane and the idea of someone being spanked, although I wasn’t spanked at home. I can’t really remember how this fascination came about, but I do remember such thoughts at age about 8 or 9.

At primary school, if you misbehaved, then you would get smacked by the teacher. That would involve either, if necessary rolling up the sleeve, getting you arm slapped, or else, at this time, boys wore short trousers, pulling up the trouser leg, or skirt if it was a girl, just enough to allow the thigh to be slapped.

I remember there was a dinner lady who had a glove she carried with her and used to protect her hand while she gave a slapping. I always used to hope she would never catch me getting up to mischief, because, with that glove, she used to give your legs a really good slapping. It always used to make me cry.

I got slapped several times and used to fear that happening, yet I found the punishment exciting.

Then followed the move to secondary school, I was a awarded a place at one of the two local grammar schools for boys. To illustrate how it considered its status, it did of course have a uniform, but not quite what you might expect. It consisted of a suit, which was essentially grey, but had a hint of white speckles. Not only that, we had to wear a waistcoat, at least for the first couple of years. So that is quite a different and unusual uniform.

I was the only one from my school to be awarded a scholarship to that school. I remember how it was stated, almost with terror, by some pupils at the primary school, that if you misbehaved at this school, you got the cane on your BOTTOM! The very idea of that seemed to instill horror in the minds of most other students. I remember that threat had for me a peculiar fascination.

Well, I survived at this school for about 18 months, but of course, the inevitable happened eventually! I remember that first occasion well. I knew I had done wrong and deserved to be punished. I had expected the cane to really hurt, after all there seems to be little purpose in caning someone if it is not intended to hurt.

I  entered the headmaster's study with anticipation. Would this hurt more than getting my legs slapped? After the customary lecture on what I had done, I was told I was to get three strokes. I was commanded to toe the edge of the carpet, then bend over and put my hands below my knees. Those three strokes of the cane were delivered in quick succession.

It had finished and I felt nothing. Then there was a sudden explosion of sting, though not real pain. It certainly produced a good sting, but no more.

I came out of his study feeling really disappointed and cheated. I felt I hadn't been punished properly. It hadn’t been quite the painful and challenging experience I use to receive at the hands of our dinner lady! This may sound crazy, but I felt I had really wanted it to hurt and make me cry.

Still, the sting was a new and exciting experience. And I went to the toilet and felt my bottom. I could feel the double ridges produced by the cane, and they felt so hot to the touch. That night I admired the red double tram lines and could still feel the ridges.

The ridges soon disappeared, but the lines lasted abut a week before they faded completely.

So the experience was exciting and left me with the hope it would not be my last caning and that on the next occasion, maybe he would decide I needed to be punished more severely and would this time hurt me and make me cry.

I was now totally addicted to the cane and got it about four or five times more at school. On one occasions, I got six strokes. Maybe this will hurt I thought, but now such luck. He told me not to bend over too far he didn’t want to hurt me too much!

So I left school unpunished. It took a few years to get that satisfying experience before the days of the internet, but eventually I got that experience and have been caned on numerous occasions since then.

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Mespank, Thanks for your contribution. A proper caning within limits is always effective. I so wished that caners will practise beforehand, not to make a foul of themselves!<br />
What about yourself ~ a caning from a lady is always welcomed by me.

Hi all.<br />
I was caned by a teacher when i was about nine and what a joke. She tried to shame us in fron of the class by telling them what we had done and how disgacefull it was. Then we were taken to her storage room ajoing the class and spanked witha ruler which was way too long. She held half way along its length and was quite awkward. Maybe she was trying to scare us rather than punish us. Not sore at all, looking back I feel cheeted. In my first year of high school got cained by a wimp of a mail teacher. Good guy but not a caners rear end. He tapped my bum and I thought he was marking his spot and taking aim when he said ok you can go now. Agian, dissapointed. Then six months later I got two from the HM and when the first one landed my heart jumped into my thoat and I remember thinking boy not another one. That was it for my school carrear. The lines stayed for a while, the sting for about half an hour. A week later the marks were gone. Man I am sorry it has been abolished as a form of punishment. When done right and there is no abuse then it is effective. I wonder if i could fined a wife one day that would let me cain her now and again???

Breathin,<br />
Thanks for an interesting experience.<br />
Are you in favour of spankings as ONE of the means of correction?

We had a female teacher at our junior school in the late sixties who would find at least one child to slap ever day. She was obsessed with slapping and God did she slap hard. After break time tme we had to stand in lines, each class to their own line and in a particular order. She would just stand at the front and survey the chldren, waiting for total silence. After about two minutes, she would come amongst us and anyone who was still talking or laughing, would drag them out to the front, making them form a line with their backs to us. When she had collected around six or seven victims, by which time ofcourse the rest of the children were absolutley silent with fear, she would then give the order for the class lines to walk in single file to thier class rooms in perfect silence, one class at a time. Next she would bend down and begin to slap both legs of each child venomously hard. Each leg could recieve up to twenty slaps and she would never stop slapping a child until they were crying. Even at the ag of 8 I found the sighr of her slapping these legs, leaving them very badly hand marked and very very red, along with the sound that her slaps produced and the children crying, sometimes even squealing extremely facinating. It wasn't helped by the fact that she was very good looking and only about thirty years old. She also had a knack of being able to keep one eye on the lines of children that were walking past her on their way into class and if she saw one of them laughing, smiling or even just looking at the row of slapped sobbing tearful children, she would stop them and say - think it's funny do you? someone else being slapped, well you can have some as well. Then she would make them join the line and wait to have thier legs slapped. Her energy was endless and she never got tired of slapping. I was unlucky enough to be in her class and very ofter just for something as simple as day dreaming, she would march up to you, grab your arm and push up your sleeve, them administer perhaps twenty to thirty slaps to each forearm, and that hurt, it hurt a lot, stinging and burning like a swarm of bees. Only once did I see her slap a boys face. She was just amazing. She simply walked up to him, roughly turned him round to face her, then gave him fisrt one wicked slap across his left cheek, followed by a devastating back hander across his right cheek and finished of by delivering another almighty slap to his left side again, landing exactly in the same place as the first one. His face turned instantly scarlet red with finger marks deeply welted into his soft traumatised flesh and he began to shake and tremble violenty with shock. She was without doubt, a cruel sadistic bully who absolutley loved slapping children, and as the years went by, it became customary for the other teachers to take anyone from their class who was being naughty to this young terrifying disciplinarian to be slapped while they stood and watched with great satisfaction. I was always really frightened of her, but I had the greatest respect for her and will never forget her. She was wonderful and I loved her then and still love her today. Godbless and thanks for the memories.

Auntpat, 5 strokes on the right place are not abuse. It was done to teach her that every action has consequences. Cathy will remember why she received it. It was done out of love!<br />
We always went to the boys bathroom to inspect our damage after a caning at school!There's no reason to feel guilty of you feelings.

I witnessed my best friend being paddled. Frankly, it was horrible. The paddle was applied to her pantied bottom by our 6th grade teacher. Five strokes, very hard. How my friend, Cathy, maintained her position during this torture was beyond me. I know I certainly could not. <br />
<br />
Afterwards, in the girls bathroom, we inspected the damage, while Cathy tried to stifle very heartfelt tears. Geez, I was surprised the horrid overlapping bruises weren't bleeding. They were thick and impossibley red, blazing even. AND her parents would have approved. <br />
<br />
Cathy told me her dad used a belt, which was WORSE than this paddle. To this day I still think this is abuse AND I feel guilty that it turned me on, while both scaring and disgusting me.

Thanks for this interesting contribution, Daihard.<br />
I don't like caning on the hands!

It was mostly the male teachers who wielded the cane and slipper, and several of them had fearsome reputations. Only two female teachers used corporal punishment themselves, one used a hairbrush, the other the cane. The woman who used the hairbrush taught in my all boy primary school, and certainly commanded respect! The caner used to deal with the girls in my comprehensive. She caned on the hands only and I'm told she was vicious.<br />
<br />
I think it's true that women spankers felt they had to use more force as they didn't want to appear weak. I'm in a few corporal punishment discussion groups and it's certainly the mothers who take a stronger interest, especially in relation to their daughters.

Hi Jenny,<br />
Very valid point on, female hitting as hard as they could / more severe etc. I never thought of that possibility, because I never got a spanking from a female in school (how hard I tried!), so I have to take those (including you) unfortunate ones word for it. There was only 1 teacher in my school who did not deliver the ***/**/* of the BEST. The others spanked the blue devil out off us. Those that was not so unbearable we know that he was not a real caning expert. It is an art to admin. a proper caning!<br />
I agree with your 2nd paragraph, but unfortunately it wasn't done like that.

Hi Jenny,You're right on that the man might not deliver the stroke to a girl with the same force, but that's unfair - daddy's little girl syndrome!Anyway, Schoolmaster pointed out that it better / more effective to remove some clothing. That's why we had a female present, and vise versa. The big danger was, that the child could accuse you of indecent touching, assault or child-molesting and the parents will make a case against you. Our HM normally called in his secretary. Not all of the ladies were willing to attend.When I, for ex., brought a girl for CP, the HM, myself and a lady had to be present, for the above mentioned reasons. There was no rule prohibiting men punishing girls. That's why in the hostel (boarding school) men did the spanking, because it was normally elderly woman who were employed there.

Schoolmaster,<br />
I agree 100% with you. We also used a female to cane girls in the school, but at the hostel there was not one available/capable, so we always had a lady present during the session.

I don't think it proper for a girl to be caned by a male Headmaster. One of his female deputies should be appointed for that duty. That being the case, the miscreant young lady can remove her suit trousers with propriety and receive a smarter, more severe caning over the seats of her school knickers.<br />
My own wife attended a Convent boarding school in the early 1960's and where they had to ***** down to their regulation school knickers and vests for the cane. This was also a humbling experience and the cane was felt far more through the single cotton la<x>yer of the knickers. It was also an all girls school with exclusively female staff. For serious offences girls were caned in such away in assembly and in front of the whole school. My mother-in-law fully agreed with this strict, no nonsence regime and also kept a cane for use in the school holiday's.

My unlucky friend.<br />
You definitely ended up with a person in the school who were unable to administer a caning. I also had one like that. We played the fool with him. When we arrived in class some of us told him we didn't do our homework, or that we had no time to study. You received your 3 (definitely not the best!) strokes and it was over and done.<br />
From who are you now receiving a well administered caning?