Punishment At School

I went  to a  school at 11 on the first day I was in trouble I was caught fighting  just ten minutes after arriving. I had stood up for a mate who had been picked on. I was sent to the heads office and told that I would be punished later in the day. Sent to my lessons to wait to be called for the punishment.

At lunch time a prefect said that I was to report to the prefects room. A room used only by them an older bys said  was for it now.  went and sn realised the by I had hit was a prefect. He was small and I did not realise he was ld enuh to be a prefect. I was told that they were going to punish me as they culd not allow me to get away with hittng one of them. I was held  by the arms and  suddenly realised that they were taking down my trousers my tie had been removed as was my shirt.  std there facing the prefects without my shirt trousers and pants down t my ankles. They  made fun of my size and the then small penis. Used my tie to bind my hands then pulled me over a desk

The boy I hit  did the cane and I was hit 12 times on the buttocks. The pain really bad I was crying after the first two but they kept the beating going. Once over I was told to dress. once dressed I was told to wait I was held again and the boy I hit got to punch me in the stomach several times while they held me.

I return to class in lots of pain. Later that afternoon I was told to see the head. He told me that he had forgotten about me but I was not to think I had got away with it. I was told to bend and recieved six strokes again this time over the trousers. I started to protest because I had already been punished but realised that if I did the prefects would get me again so I took the beating off the head and went home.

I told my mother about being caned and she hit me several time so I was beaten three times for sticking up for a friend. This was not the end as I was to recieve many more  beatings from the prefects. These were unofficial and not sanctioned by the head. They were led by a prefect who went on to become a policeman

I lost count of the times I was beaten by the prefects. I learnt to accept it and benifited from the reputation it gave me with the girls. at 15 I was beaten by the prefects afterwards I was asked by the most beautiful girl  and her mates to show them the marks on my bottom. I was in the outside toilets and they came it and i got to show them the marks I dropped the trousers but they wanted to see it all and high was held by them and they pulled down my pants  to see the marks. They were shocked because some of the skin was broken and there were blood stains on the pants.

That night I went out with the girl and she took a personal interest in my wounds and I had my first sexual encounter not a full on intercourse but tender soft hands over my body and we held each other. I thought thank you prefects this makes up for everything

thomasw thomasw
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Thom, you stated off with a hell of a hiding on your 1st day! I love your story; the girl part was erotic! Did you continue after school with 'erotic' spanking?