A Guy With Family Problems

When I was still a member of the church there was this guy who was in the same school grade as I; he had family problems; his parents got divorced and he was like standing in the church crying; and his dad wouldn't allow his mother to even sit with them in the pews.

So his mother knowing we are in the same grade calls me near after the service and told me to give her son a letter or a card or something; she too in tears.

And I gave him the card and said: "If you want to talk you can talk to me; I'll be here for you".

He never talked to me...

But in anyways I realized some people should sort out their own problems; especially when you cannot really help them nor know how to help them.

Also if you get too involved with other people's s*h*i*t they will often put blame on you for something etc.

So it is best to leave people to their own garbage!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Apr 14, 2012