Okay so I gave a good size gap in my front teeth .. When I'm alone I always stare at my smile to see if it's really that big. Since I was little I have been picked on about my gap . I have gotten called names like baby gap etc . My friends really don't talk about it a lot around me . They act like I don't have one at all && still calls me beautiful . I get called pretty all the time but I don't see how ., my confidence about myself is really low . I think I'm ugly & so is my gap . Every time I meet a new person I barely open my mouth . Or just cover my teeth with my lips when I talk .. I really don't know if people think I'm pretty or ugly ? It's really confusing
imHerAshlin imHerAshlin
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Honestly, who cares what others think. There will always be people that find you attractive and those that dont. I have a gap and sometimes I used to think about people finding me ugly once I opened my mouth to talk and see it. Now I could care less and I honestly forget it's there sometimes. People still find me attractive. Your self esteem should be built from you complementing yourself. If you "live off others praises you'll die from their criticism"

Everybody will obviously notice it, but it's all about how you act. Personality overpowers looks, right?