Still Do! How Sad Im 21!!

I used to have crushes on loads of singers in the olden days of my childhood and teenage years and i used to think some time in their star studded life they would drive to my hometown n declare their UN dying love for me!!!

But now I'm a Lil bit more mature and no full well they wouldn't dare set foot in my hometown and they are never ever have feelings for the girl they are never gonna meet!!!

But i have a huge thing for Frank Iero - Rhythm Guitarist from My Chemical Romance!
Its not that i want to marry him or anything teenage like that - I just wish i could be lucky enough to meet him face to face just so i can say i have!!

I saw him in concert last night and it was amazing!! He was amazing he had so much energy and really proved it though his playing!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2007