Used To???

I am quite starstruck and have always been that way.  However, I used to have far more crushes on celebs than I do now.

Specifically for singers, I loved Michael Jackson (yes...he was cool when I was growing up!) for years, but never thought of dating him or a relationship with him.  I just thought that I wanted to get to know him.  Same goes for Sir Paul McCartney!  Boy, would I like to have a few pints with him and talk away the day!

But, as for wanting to get to know him, date him, and eventually be his Mrs., there has only been one:  Barry Manilow!

Since I was 5 years old, I have loved this man!  I still think he's amazingly cute, funny, and talented...and if he asked me to leave my hubby, it'd happen (don't worry...hubby has Alyssa Milano on his side of the equation!).

debmichelle debmichelle
May 31, 2008