Good Bye Addiction

Good Bye Addiction.  I chose this group because I could not find another group saying good bye to addiction and I want to say I used to have an addiction and not no more.  I read somewhere to help with addiction I can write a letter saying good bye to it.  So good bye Addiction, that was the last and finally time I ever visit you again.  I'm so glad that last time made me feel so bad so now if I ever get a hint of going back , I will remember the deep emptiness I felt this past weekend.  But I'm done with it all.  If I have to go through whatever I have to go through the next few days or weeks i'm willing to go through it so that I never have to see you again.  Its crazy how something can just take over your life and looking back it started so small and so innocent yet costs so much in the long run.  You messed up my life so much, I lost so much because of you and in reality it was always me doing it to myself.  Life isn't over, I get another chance at starting new and moving on.  I want to leave it all behind me and live life clean and better.  I know it won't be easier, I know i'll have my moments and struggles but its the end.  I don't ever want to see that addiction ever again.  So I say good bye, so long, farewell.  No more bringing me down and no more messing my life.  Keep me in your prayers everyone and this is the last straw, i'm done.
ec424 ec424
26-30, M
May 31, 2011