Four Long Years...

I had to get my braces on early. As soon as I lost all my baby teeth, it was time for my braces. Since I do not have two of my teeth, false teeth were attached to my wires and they needed to create a space for the teeth. So I had to have springs on my braces for about eight months until the teeth could be fitted.

I didn't care if I had eat the things that they said you shouldn't. Actually, I found a gum that was for people with dental work, including braces. So I had that. Caramel, popcorn, and everything else on the list of taboo foods didn't matter to me and they never caused me a problem!

I could have had mine off after three years, but I didn't like to wear those rubber bands! They hurt so bad!!!! I can remember being in so much pain! My rubber bands were placed in a really weird way on my right side. And I hated it.

The day my braces came off, I was ssssoooo excited!!! It wasn't until my freshman year of high school that they came off. I had to go the whole day at school without my false teeth, since a flipper had to be made to keep them there until I got my implants put in. Since it was Christmas Time, I was singing that "All I want for Christmas is my two side teeth!" (it's the teeth on either side of my front teeth, numbers 7 and 10). When I got the flipper, I was so happy and was constantly sliding my tongue over my teeth....

Heck, I still do that from time to time!!

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Feb 20, 2009