Braces and Headgear the Full Thing

hi i had braces and headgear when i was a lot young at the age of 13 and went back every three weeks or so for check at all was good so i was told.

at the age of 16 i had a jaw op where both jaw need to be pull and move and reset as my teeth and jaws sat the the wrong way around

my top where behind the lower teeth so i had the op done when i came to from the op thay had wire both set of teeth and i was unabel to move my jaws for about 16 weeks or so that was so so hard to get use to

just before my 17th birthday i need to go back to see my ortho for a check up she look at my teeth and told me that i need to have the braces for some time to go the op had gone well but now need to get the teeth back in line

so i sat in the room for over 1 1/2h well she fixed new braces to me it felt very funny have frount and back braces on both set of teeth

when she moved away i asked if i can look at the braces she snap back and sed i need to fix your headgear yet

she show me two bow with headgear staps

and sed both bow will be fixed to you braces to get things moveing so she started to wire the bows in on both set of teeth 

when she had done she shows me in the mirror i looked like a right stat

then she told me that the bows will stay in place for some six mouths and to make my next aponttment for aug i sed dont you need to see me before that at the time it was the mid of may

her reply was no need to see you before that date see you soon

it got to aug 16 day of my appontment i had all day to go before going to the ortho any way i got there and got call in she had a good look at my braces and headgear she removed the bows and tightend the wire on both set of braces frount and back

she then sed that the haedgear was doing it job but your need to keep wearing this as your jaws and teeth need them

i did ask did thay need to be wired in can i have them so i can put in myself like my best friend she has braces and heagear to i asked

my orthjo was quick to say but does you friend wear hers all the time that she need to

knowing that she dose not wear

my ortho start wireing the bows back in to places leving me down in the face

she sed i need to see you before christmas to tight the wire but you headgear stay

well dec came ortho look and done all see need to on the wires and sed have a good christmas and i see you in the new year

we made new aponttment and left

2003 new year and hoping to get shot of the headgear end of feb came and back to the ortho she removed both bows and wire from all braces

she was very please at now my teeth are looking she today i will take the back braces off and your headgear will now just be a top headgear but your be abel to fix it uo your self now

i was so so pleased with that news

so she did all the work that she need to do and ask for us to make aponttment for may

so two day before my birthday i saw my ortho she removed the headgear and sed that i dont need any more and she take my braces off  but i need to come back and get retaners for both set of teeth in a weeks trime

so we did i had retaners on for six more mouth before i was abel to say good by to them

moving on to 2008 i had been to my ortho for a check up she had noted that some not all of my teeth have started to move in to some funny places she sed that i she think it be best to have braces fixed back on to my teeth to try and help before it get worse so she made me sing up and i now have full time braces on both set of teeth  i dont no if thay will come off anytime soon but i will let you all know


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3 Responses Mar 29, 2009

I wish I had a guy friend with braces to have fun with

you semm to be so lucky with your braces ... great!

I have wired in headgear right now