Fear Factor X 10

I had a series of tests taken at my Primary Care Clinic and was told to come back later to get the results. I felt healthy but I had heard that my ex-girlfriend may have had Hepatitus B, also back then (about 12yrs.ago) the news came out that you could catch the Hepatitus B virus by using the same straw or rolled up bill while snorting cocaine. Since some of the people I had did this with were now also suspected of having Hepatitus B  I wanted to find out if I was infected, especially after a bout of feeling like I had the flu for a week that caused my eyes to turn somewhat yellow.

I recieved a call from the Primary Care to come in ahead of my scheduled appointment. I was apprehensive to say the least but when I got there it was explained to me that I had been exposed to the Hep B virus but did not have it. Cool I felt like Super-Man, looks like those multi-vitamins I have taken for years paid off. Several days later and another call from the Primary Care, this time they thought I may be affected by the Hep B virus, it wasnt until my third consultation that I was deemed to be clear. Finally they told me that my exposure to the Hep B virus was simular to getting innoculated against it. This time I just felt fortunate to escape this disease.

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Feb 28, 2009