Ketchup Sauce

When I was moving into my teen years, I grew to know about the spill. The thing every girl hates and every guy wants to notice. It was your usualy average period, medium flow, you know. So, on that day, I put in a super to make sure it wouldn't leak, but accidents do tend to occur.

I was after the first period and I had to move to the next class. I was walking with this really popular guy and i fell really excited. I noticed that he was looking at my butt, which people usually do, and he didn't act like he saw nothing. So, I figured out that maybe i leaked a little but not much.

When I got to P.E. which is the second period, I sat down in the gym and open up my legs real fast to do a quick damage assessment. Unfortunately, I happened to have a big red blob in the middle of my pants. And I mean BIG, REALLY BIG! I remained calm and thought that it was fine, I would just sit here, and after instructions were over, I would hurry downstairs, dress out, and complain that I got cramps and go home.

Not So.

The instructions get lengthy and that got me really panicky. I got really impatient and told my friends sitting next to me and they just burst out laughing! I was like, "thanks guys..." So i get down there and the whole gym knew what happened now and I grabbed my gym clothes, went into the bathroom and cried. I got my cell and called my mom to come get me. Well, my gym teacher sent me down to the office to consult the nurse.

I got down there and find out that the nurse didn't even have her own office, There are all these others around her and she asked me why I had to leave, I told her, "arrghh.. I don't feel good" and she went on, "thats not good enough to go home". So I had to explain the whole thing in front of everyone in the room. Bad day.

Gotten my leave pass and when people asked me why I had to go, I just said I sat on ketchup sauce.
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Guys don't want to notice but a lot of us have sisters moms and aunts so its just a fact of life to us