Marks And Sparks

Marks and Spencer. Or the mum shop as we used to call it. Mum used to drag me and my brother there as kids and we'd be so totally booooored out of our minds.

In the good ol' days (meaning 16 years ago...blimey I'm old) M&S was a dreary, claustrophobic place with a dusty clothing smell that hung in the air, as suffocating as woolly cardis. In fact, my brother often confessed to me that it made him feel sick. This is the M&S from my memories anyway.

This chronic lack of oxygen whilst accompanying my mum clothes shopping led to us feeling weak and made it unbelievably difficult to keep up. So of course, we hid in the clothes racks. The circular ones were especially good.
ForestSong ForestSong
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010