Been a While...

I used to keep track of anything that struck me as interesting in my life a long time ago...well maybe not THAT long ago, but still. I wrote down everything in my diary, my day's events, my thoughts, and wrote down details of my strange dreams. (In fact I think I still have those in my room somewhere...)
Buuut, soon I got lazy and bored with writing and now I tend to keep my thoughts to myself more than anything. Who knows, maybe someday I'll write some entry in one of my old books about something. Haha. >w<
Samaya Samaya
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

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LOL I used to do the same thing! Then I looked back on everything I used to write. I would constantly update... Sometimes I had 4 year gaps in between and it's crazy how fast time creeps up on us... Well, happy writing :)