Back When I Was In School!!

When I was in school I had a lot of fun!! I was one of the quiet people but once you get to really know me I was cool!! I was known to be the happiest person!! One who always had a smile on their face even if it was a bad day!! My laughing started probably in 8th grade!! I had transfered to public school in 5th grade because I went to private school and my mom couldn't afford sending 5 kids to private so she stuck us in public!! I was sad cause I had to make new friends but it was a good change!!

When I got to 8th grade it was fun!! When I first had my laughing attack (laughing so hard you start crying) I had it on the first day!! We had to play these get to know you games!! We had to throw a ball and the person who you threw it to had to say their name and so on... Some one threw it to me and I didn't catch it or something and I said "Thanks-a-lot Kayelena" (with attitude and some funny side to it) and I started laughing!! I laughed and laughed!! Rolling on the floor laughing!! I couldn't stop!! So yeah I laughed at random stupid things but I was a good person cause I can make anyone laugh and be happy!! I brighten everones day!! :) School was where I could be happy that was why I liked it!! Then I used to laugh at random words!! Just random!! People used to make me stall class all the time with me laughing!! I laughed for like 15 or 20 minutes no joke!! In 9th grade I was in Physics and my friend had to taked me outside in the rain to calm me down because I was laughing too much!! In 10th grade in my English 2 class we were learning about Julius Caesar!! Mrs. Martin took a piece of paper from Kelsea's desk and she was teaching us about soliloque and first she used words to show that she was mad!! Then she gave the paper back to Kelsea and the next example was when she acted like she was mad again but with no words just actions!! Mrs.Martin made the paper fall off Kelsea's desk and she picked up the paper and then crumpled up the paper and threw it in the trash!! She had a frown on her face and I busted up laughing!! That was soooo funny!! She was all like I am still mad even though I am laughing!! Another moment was when I was English 2 again and I was on the floor laughing!! I don't know why but I was and I had my water bottle on my desk and Kirsti was sitting infront of me and she squirted me with my water bottle and I screamed and I got up soooo very quickly and I opened my bottle filled with freezing, cold water and poured the whole entire thing on her and I was running around the classroom because she wanted to give me a hug so I could be wet!! I was running around the classroom and then the bell rung and I remember I came up to Mrs. Martin to ask her if she was going to write me up and she said no cause I made her in a better mood!! That was the first time I did something mean to somebody!! On another day Mrs. Martin told me that she used to read to her stuff animals when she was little and I started laughing!! The reason why she told me that was because I told her that I didn't like reading to myself!! In 11th grade before 6th hour I came to Mrs. Martin's room and my German textbook fell and almost landed on her foot and she said something about breaking something I think about how her foot how I wouldn't want to break your foot!! I don't really know!! I laugh about it and she liked it cause she didn't see my laughing attack in a long time!! Then another time I told Mrs. Martin that we were going to have squirrel brains and she said with big eyes "YOU LIE" I laughed about the YOU LIE part and she wrote me a pass for my 6th hour class because I was late and still laughing on the floor under her white board!! Then in German we were going to play Simon Says and my folder was sitting on top of my desk and the teacher said for us to stand up and I stood up and I fell right down out of my desk onto the floor because my hand was on the folder when I stood up and it slipped!! I was laughing and the teacher said are you okay? I said yeah!! Then one time I was walking in the hallway to Algebra 2 and I fell on my stomach in the hallway and I was laughing cause I embarrassed myself!! One time in German we had to memorize a poem and a group made a rap about it and I thought I wasn't funny anymore because man that rap was funny as can be!! I can see Lilly with that tube and making noises out of it!! Then my teacher told me to get Ryan in Algebra 2!! She really told me to chase him!! So I chased him around the classroom!! That was funny!! Then Lilly dressed up as a hobo for a spirit day!! I laughed about that and she had a little shopping cart and it was just funny!! Then everytime I get scared people think that is funny so after I jump I start laughing!! I got scared just because somebody blew a noisemaker and popped a balloon!! I screamed and then laughed!! One time one of my friends, Sunshine, got locked into a stall and she just crawled under it and I laughed!! In 12th grade one of my friends, Blake, opened my water bottle and it squirted on him and I laughed too!! It was funny!! On Sara's last day I know this is supposed to be sad but she took a picture of Mr. Cross and his reaction was neutral and man that so cracked me up!! Then when I told Ryan that he sucked b*lls people were shocked about that cause they thought they would never hear me say anything like that!! Then when Abby scared me that was funny!! Then I got voted for the funniest laugh and people were trying to get me to laugh and so they called for Mr. O'Keefe and he was in the hallway doing the pony dance and that was freaken hilarious!! I loved it!! That is my picture of me laughing when he did that!! :) I didn't really laugh my Senior year but I did have my laughing attacks!!

The reason why I didn't have many laughing attacks was because I had gone through my first death that I had to experience!! I was so sad!! And I don't really laugh that much anymore because I am sad and mad because I can't go to college!! I am stuck at home and I don't hang out too often anymore with my friends but when I am with my friend, Sunshine, she always makes me laugh all the time!! I love her to death!! :) :) I really do miss laughing!! :(
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i hated every minuet of my school life never had any thing to laugh about

School was pretty... fun-ny to me!! :)

sorry i dont want to come over as a sad bastard i am not but had a bad child hood and could not wait for it to end

Ahhhh I see!! But I seem to have it bad too!!

not like mine

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