Alice Cooper Wembley 1975

My sister and my friend discovered Alice Cooper in about 1973 when School's Out was No 1 in the charts. They started to buy the LPs and soon I joined them in their enthusiasm. We were about 13 years old. We missed his best shows but eventually he came to England in 1975 and we went to see him at the Empire Pool Wembley, we made my Dad drive us there in his Ford Transit van, and we had to sleep on a motorway service station car park in the back. We discovered that it 'rained' on the inside of the van, because of the condensation of our breaths. As we drew near to Wembley we met seas of fans with long hair all dressed in denim. People had made all kinds of modifications and costumes out of denim, I was impressed by full length patchwork waistcoats, and jeans that seemed to be made into patterns of tatters, weft and no warp.

We were overwhelmed to actually be in the 'same room' as Alice even though there were so many thousands of others, and Alice was quite small in the distance.  I was a little disappointed because the show was rather more like a theatrical musical than a rock show, and had a rather conventional chorus of dancers, Alice even appeared in top hat and tails. However, myself, my friend and sisters were all totally pleased with the experience whatever the content of the show, the fact that we had been there and seen out hero was the most important thing.

When we returned home I wrote a detailed account of the event, then I sank into a deep depression, because it was over, and was so miserable that I lay on my bed for about 3 days.

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I still like Alice Cooper. He is still a great live act and still puts out great music.