Hastings Uk

I used to live in Hastings in the UK..I loved to walk along the beach..it could be windy some days though but very relaxing..The dogs loved the beach I will tell you a funny tale..When my lurcher x was a puppy he went in bounding leaps along this big concrete raised foundation..it was like a big pathway out a few feet into the sea..he was excited by the rolling waves and wanted a closer look..I was in ears giggleing when he hit a slippy patch..he put on the brakes.. Looked at me like oh ****!! And clean dissapeared off the end..he frantically paddled back to shore leaving me with acheing sides from laughing so much! I can never forget my days by the sea thanks to him.
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Thank you for sharing that, my other half used to live at Brighton and always ran his Staffies down to the beach, he used to love watching then swim too... We also moved in land so now have to find lakes etc for dogs to enjoy...