Horrific Times

I went to live in teepee valley in mid wales uk some people called it talley valley i was coming off heroin at the time and went with a fella who was in the same boat. I was pretty desperate at the time so i nicked my mums credit card to fund the trip. i took my young son and daughter with me. I purchased a nice big teepee for us and everything we needed to survive happily there. We were drinking alot of booze because of coming of the heroin. i loved it there but one night we were drinking whisky the fella i went with started getting aggressive and argueing with everyone we went outside and he picked up an axe and hit me in the face with it a few times the next i remember i was laying down the hill from the teepee and i could see him pouring petrol around the bottom of the teepee my kids were asleep inside i saw him lit a lighter and it started going up in flames i tried to get up and run to get my kids out but i could not move everything seemed like it was in slow motion then i saw the lad who lived next to us go in and carry out my kids then i blacked out that was one of the most horrific times of my life
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:( That is insane! How could a person do that? Was there anyone around to help?

There was a lad who lived in a bender near by it was him who ran into the teepee when it had just been set alight and carried them out he saved their lives jez he was called

Did anyone get the fella who did that crazy sh*t?

I heard that he got 9yrs that was for robbing a P.O aswell

that is truely horrific - Your a brave women

That truly is horrific! I'm very glad you and your kids survived that!!! ...unbelievably scary!..

Thank God you and your children are alright!