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If there was one thing I used to LOVE to do, it was making mixed tapes. I remember making MANY MANY mixed tapes at around 12 years old, until I was maybe 20 or so. The fact that you could record from the radio.. brilliant :) However sometimes I'd hear a song I loved , and it was halfway through; I still would run to go tape it !! So on some of my homemade mixed tapes, you'll find 'half songs'.:) Those were in the 'early' days.

When recording from a CD, I loved trying to mix uptempo songs with slow songs too. Getting the right mix of uptempo and slow made me so happy when I played it back. In my first car, I'd Blast an upbeat song, and think, "OH YEAHH! This thing is Jammin !!" I loved pop, rock, anything. JUST LOVED mixed tapes ..anyone with me on that ? ;)
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then the dj would go n talk over the end of that last song you wanted a better copy of on the end of your tape ....arrrrrrgggggg

LOL, YES. exactly. ARGHHH!!!! ty for your response, U :)

Oh ya! Do you remember Casey Kasem and the weekly top 40? That was always the best time to make a mix tape from the radio. Good times.

Omg !!! I LOVED that program..listened to it EVERY Sat. morning !!! I even have a tape with a bit o\' Casey hehe... thx for reminding me !! Appreciate you stopping by Almost...:)