Before the age of Cds and Mp3's, music used to be gems. As a teen, I didnt have enough money to buy lots of tapes or cds. So waiting for my favorite tunes to come on my favorite radio station was the only way to capture them. There was something really magical about running into my favorite songs "by chance" on the radio. 

When those songs came on, everything stopped. The volume came up. My daydreaming began. The songs would carry me through my own imagination. The lyrics spoke to me. They seemed to understand me. When a favorite came on, it felt like I had just found the perfect strawberry in the great big strawberry patch. How lucky I was! Each chord would be savored until the Dj rudely interrupted the ending with the next song.   

Next time. Next time I will remember to hit RECORD. Not getting that song on tape didnt take away from the magic of its seemingly destined visit to my corner of the world. I knew I'd collect my gem next time.

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I can remember doing this very well, and being frustrated so many times at having waited ages for my song to come round again and then finding it was in the middle of being played on a return trip from the loo!
Finally also after so much waiting, when I was right there on the button as the DJ started to announce and being irritated by him rambling right into the intro and even throwing in an odd word or two right in at the end as the song was starting to fade.
Still all great fun though and the songs much prized when the tape was done :)

Yes, I made mix tapes too from the radio as well as from the music I was able to buy. I still listen to them. I always hated when the DJ spoke over the beginning and end of songs, why can't he just wait. They never did. Thanks for a great memory.

I used to make mix tapes of myself DJing (house and goa)... I recently found one and recorded it into my computer as an mp3 then transferred it to my ipod which connects to my car stereo via a tape adapter....<br />
<br />
so from the start of it it went from vinyl record to cassette tape to digital file which was converted to mp3 then to digital audio playback device (ipod) to tape adapter to stereo.... It sounded great and made me smile when thinking about its evolution from the start!

In fact I did! I played whatever I could with the flute.. But I did not have a huge desire to play the music I liked. For me I enjoyed it in its radio format.

did you ever learn how to play the music you liked.