Love Is A Mix Tape

 I love the mix tape. It is more often now a palylsit or on rare occasions a burned cd. I still burn cds for people. Though its not as focused as making a mix tape used to be. It is still an awesome way to expess yourself to anyone, ur love, parents, God, Yourself....u name em. I love to have music sent to me, or lyrics or even an old skool mix tape. I used to have to sit and wait a while, even longer than that if it wasn't a pop song. The radio jamming out, paly and record in lock with th pause button.sometimes had to put paper in the top corners of an old tape to record over it. Not ghettoe, just a jones ing music lover. The song im waiting for all day comes on, and it never failed, I would always somehow miss the start of it, always comes on the moment u decide its safe to leave the radios side. ahhh and the turning points a mix tape sould bring about in a younge blossoming love. Give the boy the mix tape of songs you know he loves to get him to listen a awile and then WAMOE hit him with thelove song you really wanted him to hear. no doubt following up with questions about what he thought of the words to the song (he never paid attention) not at that age. Music was just music. yep,,i'm fond of the mix tape.

capriciousness capriciousness
26-30, F
Mar 23, 2010