When I Was A Little Girl....

I knew from a very young age that holding your pee and then finally letting it out was amazing. Later I learned that peeing outside was liberating. I even learned the satisfaction of flooding my panties before I even hit pre-adolescents. I had no idea what I was doing was in any way 'sexual' I just knew it was fabulous and I wanted to do it as often as possible. I would find nay opportunity to pee someplace other than a toilet. This is not my very first experience but it jumps out in my mind:

Where I grew up we had woods beside our home. One day I was out exploring with Paul, my next-door neighbor, we were both about 8 or so. We had been out all morning and it was hot. We decided to head home for lunch and then meet back up for more 'exploring' Ig ot in the house and peed then headed to get my sandwich. I must have drank 3 glasses of tea at lunch! Once done I ran out the door to see if Paul was back yet. I had to wait a few min and was starting to get the urge to pee when he showed up. I was so excited to get back to playing I decided to hold it in. I enjoyed holding it anyway so it would be fun. After about an hour the urge really caught up with me. Paul finally asked me if I needed to pee. I told him I didn't but I am sure he knew better because he said. 'Oh, well I do...' and pulled out his penis and began to pee on a near by tree. Just hearing his liquid hit the ground made my bladder twinge and my little ***** tingle. Then it hit me. What if I peed in front of him? Would he care? Surely not, he just peed in front of me after all. I decided to muster up every bit of gal in me and do it. Of course I had peed outside many times before just not in front of a boy!! So as he was sipping up his zipper and we were getting read to head off I told him I had change my mind and I actually did need to pee pretty bad. I slowly undid my zipper and pulled my jeans to my ankles. I decided to face him even though he had faced away from me. I got a little nervous and I guess he could tell because he asked if I wanted him t not look. I nonchalantly told him I didn't care so he watched and waited. Having my jeans down made me have to pee all the more so I gave my ***** a squeeze then pulled down my pink panties, squatted over some grass and tugged my jeans out of the potential path of my torrent that was to come. Then it happened. The sweet relief! My pee was hissing as it came out of mu body and it made a soft splatter as it hit the grass. Paul was in awe. I imagine he had never seen a girl peeing before. When my stream ended I told him I felt so much better and was ready to play. As I pulled my panties and pants into place he couldn't take his eyes off of me. We each ended up peeing many more times together in those woods. Including a few holding contest and where we would watch each other suffer before relenting and peeing our great long streams in full view of each other. It was a few amazing summers before Paul moved away. I wonder what he is up to know?
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I use to pee in front of my sister all the time.
We were raised as nudist and i many time saw her as we used the bathroom.
The bathroom had the toilet right next to the bathtub.
and if i needed to pee while my sister was taking a bath so what.

a beautiful story...thank you for sharing!.....I wonder how many have had similar experiences...i did but I have usually kept those stories to my self.

This is a good experience. This is total normal for a boy and a girls who know each other and have a level of trust, respect, openness with each other. See Paul was very relax and had a trust with you in he knew he could do what he need to do in front of you. Then you have a level of trust in him where you could do in front of him. There are adults who have issues with children doing this type of things with each other.

If boys and girls cold grow up with an openness and trust. They could be a great tool for each other to learn. You see his genitals or he saw your genitals does not have any damage to the child at all. There time in our life where we cross someone path and they become a blessing for us.

Two kids who live next door to each other was a great gift in letting a girl and a boy know what the other genital was without worrying what would happen.

When I was 8 I had a experience. My brother was 10, my sister was 12. My brother was cut of his foreskin. At Sunday school we talk about the bible talk about boys be cut of their foreskin. I had a picture of it in my mind. I knew it was a cutting of the skin of their penis but did not ready understand it.

In my family we are a very open family. We saw each other naked. Well my brother who had a friend in cub scout spend many times at our home. I brought up this subject with mom and dad. Well my brother and his friend knew is was a puzzle thing to me. My brother who I look up to told me that some boys are cut and some are not. I dad and mom told me that is true. Let me check on something and I get back with you sister. I told him OK. When my brother friend came over to spend Friday night is when I was told by him I have a surprise for you. My brother has already check with dad and mom and they OK it. They were in my brother bedroom. Brother call me to his room. The bedroom door was open. I walk in and they told me to sit on the edge of the bed. They both stand in front of me. Both of them spoke to me and explain that foreskin is a very personal thing to a boy. Brother told me like I told you the other night that some boys are cut and some are not. My brother friend like me like a sister. He always been very supported with my brother.
What happen next was a blessing. Both boys drop their pants, pull their underwear off. This is when I learn the differs in a cut penis and a not cut penis. I learn where it was cut. For about 20 minutes I study both of them and total understand what the cutting of the foreskin was. There was many time after that they did it again for me. I know I was bless.

Very nice I had a little friend that let me watch her pee she loved to watch me pee too.

Years ago I used to play with two girls who lived nearby. We must have been 6 or seven at the time.
One day we were at Tracey's house. her parents were out and the house locked. Vanessa and Tracey were both desperate to pee; dancing around holding themselves! At last it got to the point they couldn't wait any longer; Tracey suggested going to the rear of a summer house at the bottom of the garden. Both of them bounded off, clutcing their crotch fronts, with me in curious pursuit!
They both were wearing dresses, but instead of the "traditional" girly method they pulled their panties down, held up the front of the dresses and began to pee a steady stream outwards. Just like boys - so don't believe it cannot be done!
Tracey said to Vanessa to "go down there" (over the edge of the concrete base, downward into the ditch at the rear). Sure enough, by pushing forward a bit they were able to direct their stream downwards away from the concrete and splattering back. I needed to pee myself, albeit to a lesser degree but nevertheless I joined in as well! Ever since then I have been fascinated with female peeing method - especially those who stand up to do so!

Amazing story. Hope u still enjoy it

you were so brave

story made me feel sexy love to see females pee

gosh it made my penis quiver love to see females pee roger_yts@yahoo.co.uk

trust me they stand while they pee

oh **** was the sign of poop coming out used by my daughters

oh god this remindes me of my girls they do it all the time i dont really mind when they pull down their pants and pee right in front of me

wish i could see them

I did something like this only she was standing.

Did you ever pee your pants in front of each other

I wondered that to after I read the story

Please post more experiences of these "holding contests" did you hold it until one of you peed in your pants, hold it until someone gave up, etc.?

I like that, 'satisfaction of flooding your panties'. Works for me too.

I had a friend who was a girl as a boy who was like you. i would pee with her holding my **** and then she would pee for me and i would wipe her. we both loved it.