Dont Know Why She Did It

when i was about 13 i met a girl who liked to pee herself, she would just stand there and all of a sudden i would look down and a wet patch would form on her jeans. . she did this for a while but then we became good friends and after about a year she started to let me feel the wet patches. i wasnt sure at first because she looked younger than she was and i was worried people would think i was touching a little girl so we ended up doing it behind the shed in my garden, in a forest, in a bush or anywhere that nobody could see what we were doing. when we got a bit older she started to take off her jeans after she had done it so that i could see what her panties looked like when they were wet. i remember she wore pink pants which turned really dark when they were wet, a pair of black pants with love hearts which helped to hide what she ha done but often she had on  a pair of cute little white panties which changed colour when she wet and occasionally **** in aswell. she was the kind of girl who was to lazy to go to the toilet so she just did the toilet in her pants and then hid the dirty underwear behind her shed since her parents didnt know about her dirty secret. has anybody ever done anything like this or done the toilet somewhere they shouldnt without anybody knowing?
scoutsniper1306 scoutsniper1306
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

You should try a holding contest with the both of you, that ought to impress her

If only we could all be so lucky. I envy you, man XD